Have you lately made plans to relocate to Singapore and are frantically searching for institutions that accept Indian students in particular? You had me right there! For your convenience, we have included a list of Indian schools in Singapore from the CBSE, ICSE, and IB boards in this blog to simplify your search.

In terms of education, Singapore and India are closely related. In Singapore, there are numerous schools that follow Indian boards. These institutions continue to be linked to India while teaching everything that is part of Singaporean culture. It might be challenging for parents to locate schools across a city using a single criterion. Popular message boards rarely remain connected to a university or school.

Top Indian schools in Singapore include:

1. Global Indian International School

The second most well-known Indian school in Singapore is Global Indian International School (GIIS), which is situated in India. The faculty has received praise for its earnestness and prowess in the classroom. This school is equipped with every type of technological development that one would anticipate in the current educational model. There are auditoriums, research labs, sports facilities, comfortable classrooms, up-to-date testing techniques, and a collaborative atmosphere. It is one among Singapore’s most well-known CBSE institutions.

SGD 18,000–20,000 per year in fees

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2. GIIS smart campus Singapore

The Global School Foundation (GSF), a non-profit organisation, launched GIIS smart campus in 2018, a school modernization initiative. Their approach to education is firmly grounded on cutting-edge technology. They are linked to both the CBSE and the IB boards. It is one of Singapore’s most well-known Indian international schools.

Fees: SGD $18,000–$20,000 per year

3. NPS international

It is a Singapore-based CBSE/IB school. A library, AV room, auditorium, playgrounds, science labs, computer labs, etc. are among the amenities. It is a reputable organisation of schools in India and excels in Singapore. This school values artistic abilities equally. If a student wants to pursue art, there are studios and other resources available.

SGD21,600–25,000 for CBSE and IB students (approx.) Annually

4. Yuvabharathi International School

It is an Indian school located in western Singapore’s Jurong district. Being an institution of traditional Indian descent, it has grown in popularity among Singapore’s Indian population. A vegetarian cafeteria, recreational areas, science labs, halls, and other amenities are available. Throughout the years of service, this school has produced numerous illustrious alumni. There are courses available in French, Tamil, and Hindi. Throughout the school year, a variety of environmental trips are organised to help students better understand and remain anchored in their culture.

Fee: SGD 8,700-12,600 Annually

5. DPS international

One of Singapore’s most well-known ICSE schools is DPS International, which is situated in the Aroozoo Avenue area. DPS is an extremely well-liked community in Singapore and India. The fundamentals taught here are fairly comparable to those taught at any other institution in the area. However, the fact that it has Indian roots draws notice. With all the amenities and advancement during the past 20 years of service, this school has become one of the best for your child.

Costs: SGD 10,000–13,00 per year

A list of a few Indian schools in Singapore was provided (primary and secondary). The list could go on, but we hand-selected them because we believe they will best meet your needs. These schools’ success demonstrates the close ties between India and Singapore and their shared principles. If you are an Indian living in Singapore, these Indian international schools in Singapore should be at the top of your list when choosing one for your child.

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