P.U.K. Code may be used to unlock a BSNL SIM that has been locked due to security or incorrect P.I.N. entry three times. To unlock your banned BSNL SIM card, enter the P.U.K. Code BSNL 8-digit. There are many ways to get your BSNL PUK Code Unlock Hotline, including online, by SMS, and by contacting the customer service number.

For BSNL SIM subscribers, there is a separate helpline number to find your Personal Unlocking Keycode. Details such as your BSNL sim number, D.O.B., residence, and so on may be requested to get your P.U.K. Code number.

As far as bsnl online recharge is concerned, many portals support it, and the bill payment postpaid can also be done online.

What is the BSNL 8-digit P.U.K. Code?

P.U.K. (Personal Unblocking Key) codes are eight digits long. P.U.K. Code BSNL 8 digit is used to unlock your SIM cards after three failed P.I.N. code attempts. If you enter the incorrect P.I.N. code too many times, the card will become “PUK-locked” (unable to be unblocked).

Can I receive a BSNL PUK code online?

You may check for your P.U.K. code in your network provider’s online account if you have one (most offer this service). Navigate to your mobile phone account on your computer and check for a P.U.K. code section on the account page.

Why is my phone requesting a BSNL SIM PUK code?

Users cannot reset or alter P.U.K., which is required to unlock SIM PIN. If you’ve locked your SIM card by repeatedly entering the incorrect P.I.N., your phone will prompt you for P.U.K. Contact your cell network provider to get the P.U.K. code if this occurs. Verify the bsnl online recharge is done. Make sure the bill payment postpaid or prepaid, is done prior.

BSNL Puk Unlock Number & Customer Service Number

To get the BSNL PUK to unlock the number, call the BSNL customer care helpline number to unblock your BSNL SIM card.

The BSNL PUK customer service number is – 1503, and it will assist you in unblocking your banned BSNL SIM card.

Before calling the BSNL support centre, gather the details that BSNL executives want for verification.

SIM Card Holder Name Address 15-digit SIM number inscribed on the reverse of the SIM card

Now, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: From another BSNL SIM phone, dial 1503.

Step 2: Listen to the IVRS system and choose the BSNL PUK Code option.

Step 3: Following your selection of the P.U.K. option, the executive will call you.

Step 4: Request the BSNL PUK code for your phone number from your Block BSNL SIM card.

Responses to customer service inquiries are the fifth step.

Step 6: Once validated, you will get a BSNL PUK code, which you will need to unlock the locked BSNL SIM.


When a user enters a personal identification number incorrectly, P.U.K. displays. You may unlock your bsnl puk through SMS by following these easy steps.

Use a different BSNL SIM phone number.

P.U.K.>Space>15-digit SIM card number (printed backside of the SIM).

Please send it to 123 or 53733.

You will then get a return message including a one-of-a-kind BSNL PUK code.

Enter the 8-digit BSNL PUK code into the locked SIM to unlock the phone.

If you cannot conduct this procedure for whatever reason, move to the next way of BSNL PUK unlock.

What is the BSNL PIN code by default?

BSNL Mobile (Prepaid and Postpaid) subscribers’ default P.I.N. code is 0000. Changing the default P.I.N. is always a good idea. Because you enter the revised P.I.N. straight into your phone, no one will ever learn it. As a result, there is an extremely minimal likelihood of stolen SIM data.

Please get in touch with the appropriate telecom service providers’ Customer Care lines to receive the default P.I.N. code for other private operators such as Airtel, Jio, and so on, or you may search for the Airtel P.U.K. code and Jio P.U.K. code.

Is it feasible to get a BSNL PUK Code without a SIM card?

Obtaining a BSNL PUK code without a 15-digit SIM card number is difficult. If you have misplaced your SIM card, you may get a copy or replacement SIM from your local BSNL Customer Service Center.

If you find this post interesting and helpful in unlocking your BSNL PUK code, please share it with your friends. So, if they become stranded owing to a SIM card ban, this BSNL PUK code 2022 will come in handy.

How to Obtain a P.U.K. Code Online

Using an internet gateway, you might attempt to get the P.U.K. from your network provider. You must have an online account, which requires you to register on your network provider’s web portal and undergo a minimal verification procedure. You may use the official app to log in. On the page, look for a P.U.K. section. Some prepaid phones supply the code online, provided you know the account holder’s information, such as the D.O.B. name and mobile number. Always make sure that the bsnl online recharge is done.


Now that you know how to unlock your phone don’t be alarmed if you see the ‘Enter P.U.K. Code’ warning; follow the above procedures to guarantee your SIM card is not permanently barred.

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