Having a holistic view of your customers is one of the most important, yet often underrated factors of business success. A majority of companies struggle with making the most of customer data since their information is siloed. What this means is that a customer may raise a ticket, and the marketing team won’t know about it. The commerce team, on the other hand, doesn’t know a thing about the marketing campaigns being run by your marketing team.

Even though such a setup won’t necessarily make your business crumble, it makes it run less efficiently – that’s where a CRM tool like Salesforce comes in. The goal is to ensure all your teams have a single, holistic view of customers so that, together, they can make the best decisions. In this article, you will learn more about Salesforce consulting and development and how it can boost your business.

What Is Salesforce Consulting and Development?

Salesforce consulting and development is an offering provided by Salesforce experts that aims to help companies make the most of their Salesforce CRM. Such consultants work closely with your teams to assess current processes and challenges and understand your goals, and objectives. Once they understand what challenges you have and the goals you want to achieve, they can create a bespoke implementation plan to ensure you get the most out of your CRM platform.

Salesforce experts also take you through processes of troubleshooting your Salesforce tool and they also provide ongoing maintenance and optimization of the platform to keep it in line with your long-term goals. Your best bet to discover how Salesforce consulting and development drives business growth is to team up with a leading consultation firm like KMS. Not only do they have highly capable Salesforce experts, but they also have the technology to deliver the results you want.

What Services Should You Expect From a Salesforce Consulting Firm?

While the experience of working with one Salesforce consulting and development firm may differ from another, the services they offer don’t typically vary that much. A Salesforce consulting firm should offer the following services by default:

1. Salesforce Implementation

This is all about helping your business to adopt Salesforce seamlessly and designing & implementing customized Salesforce solutions that are in line with your company’s objectives.

2. Salesforce Integration

A top-performing Salesforce consulting firm should also integrate your new CRM platform with existing systems and applications to ensure reliability, enhanced efficiency, and better decision-making. They should also synchronize data across the various platforms in use to ensure that all information is consistent and up-to-date.

3. Customization and Development

A good Salesforce consulting firm should customize Salesforce and match it to your unique business requirements. Additionally, they can use custom coding and development to create new unique features that further boost the capabilities of your CRM and enable you to address changing needs.

4. Training and Support

Regardless of how powerful your Salesforce CRM is, you can’t utilize it effectively if you don’t know how to do so. A consulting firm with go beyond developing the platform for you and train your teams on how to make the most of the different features.

Additionally, they will provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maximize the benefits that you reap from Salesforce.

How Will Salesforce Consulting & Development Unlock Business Growth?

It’s commonplace to want to understand the business value a service brings to make it worth the investment. When it comes to Salesforce consulting, you will benefit mainly by getting tailor-made solutions that increase organizational performance and ameliorate the customer experience.

Salesforce development, on the other hand, promotes business growth through optimization of the Salesforce tool, streamlining of processes that are connected to your customers, improvement of data accuracy, and maximization of the ROI for your CRM tool.

Salesforce consulting and development services will ultimately promote better collaboration between teams, increase organizational agility, and consequently promote the overall productivity of your business, thus creating room for business growth.

To Sum It All Up,

Partnering with Salesforce consulting firms is the right way to propel your business toward success. Thanks to the services and expertise that such firms have to offer, you can leverage the full power of Salesforce and be a step ahead of your competition. That’s so long as you pick the right consulting firm, so take your time to research and pick the best.

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