High quality academics at international schools offer an unmatched advantage that is extremely advantageous in later life and the workplace.

Let us go over some of the top advantages of enrolling in an international school.

advantages of enrolling in a foreign institution.

Global viewpoints at Abu Dhabi’s Indian schools

Business management, foreign languages, and environmental systems and societies are a few examples of pertinent topics that move beyond academic study and into the real world.

For instance, Global Perspectives promotes research into current issues. It encourages contemplation from a range of perspectives, including personal, local/national, and global, and provides a critical study of significant global concerns.

The curriculum in Indian schools in Abu Dhabi is given using the most recent pedagogical technologies in addition to having current content. The usage of technologies like Edpuzzle, which foster interest and appeal, increases the effectiveness of teaching and learning.


Enhancement potential

Schools regularly provide opportunities for internship programmes, immersion programmes, exchange programmes overseas, inter-school tournaments, national and international competitions, etc. These choices encourage student growth and result in richer learning.

comprehensive construction

Through academics, the education funded by the Abu Dhabi school fees fosters the development of the whole person, with equal focus on co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Robotics, dance, gymnastics, culinary arts, speech and drama, music, STEM clubs, drones, sports, TED-Ed clubs, MUN clubs, and other activities can be a few of them.

The curriculum also contains moral principles discovered through community service. Another aim of education is to develop pupils into responsible, conscientious citizens.

Putting An Emphasis On Research And Critical Thinking Skills

A strong basis for inquiry and critical thinking is provided by the international curricula. It challenges the student’s thinking and encourages inquiry, thought, and investigation, moving education beyond the rote learning norm.

Research writing is a crucial component that necessitates student autonomy in topic selection and independent work. At the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, students learn to assume responsibility while honing their research and writing skills. If applied properly, this talent can serve as a wonderful starting point for university study, where students must produce a dissertation or a thesis.

Critical thinking abilities encourage investigation, questioning, reasoning, logic, and rationality rather than accepting ideas at face value. They are a necessary set of abilities. It is

Including experience-based education in the cost of education in Abu Dhabi

Experiential learning includes activities like field trips, industry visits, immersion programmes, internships, and guest lecturers, to name just a few. Usually, they are covered by the tuition in Abu Dhabi. Students should have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the real world or to use what they have learned in practise to enhance their academic performance through the learning process.

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