What are Google reviews?

Google Reviews are comments made about businesses on the Google platform by customers. One of the first things a person will notice when searching for a business on Google or looking for directions on Google Maps is a review. A Google account is all that is required, and the service is completely free. These reviews are viewed considerably more frequently than those on sites like Trustpilot because Google is so well-known for its search engine and Google Maps.

Why are Google Reviews important for Dentists? 

  1. Evaluations of patients are highly beneficial. really significant This is accurate since higher ratings result in increased revenue and patient volume. More than an entire sponsored ad campaign, a few encouraging words from a satisfied consumer can increase sales. In fact, a prospective patient might pick your practice above the competition because of the positive evaluations. 
  1. Nearly 92% of consumers today read Google reviews before making a purchase. That number is also increasing daily! Similar to how you do, your target market conducts online research on reviews of your business and products. No arbitrary review will do for your potential clients.
  1. More than 60% of customers Google a company’s reviews before going there. It makes reasonable that they would want to investigate client reviews before selecting you as their business partner.
  1. The first thing that appears when you search for a business on Google are the reviews and average rating for that business, and if they are negative, it’s probable that potential customers would seek elsewhere. 
  1. Because Google is the most widely used and trustworthy search engine, people carefully read evaluations on the website. They increase click-through rates, strengthen your position, and instill trust in your business.

How to attract more customers through Google Reviews? 

1. Make it simple for customers to submit reviews for you.

The more convenient you make it for people to submit reviews on your profile, the more probable it is that they will. The greatest way to start is by making sure you include as much information as you can about your company, which will make it easier for users to find and recognize your page.

2. Strengthen consumer ties and generate new ones.

Although it can be challenging to urge clients to submit online reviews, doing so can help you gain the trust of potential customers. Additionally, addressing consumer complaints can strengthen your relationships with customers and help you gain their loyalty.

3. Highlight previous evaluations to draw in more

As part of your strategy to maintain the momentum once you’ve amassed a modest collection of Google reviews on your profile, it’s a good idea to start highlighting the best ones. One method for merging your virtual and actual storefronts is to share online feedback in a tangible format. While browsing, new potential customers will be able to see what others have to say, and returning customers will learn about your profile and may be more likely to submit their own review on your website after learning more about you.

4. Include calls to action and pop-up windows on your website.

People delay things. That is something you are aware of. That much I am aware of. That is common knowledge. Encourage people who procrastinate to act by placing numerous calls to action on your website and even by including a little pop-up that does just that.

5. Offer superb customer service

Online evaluations frequently resemble the six o’clock news in that only the negative things are reported. Offering outstanding customer service to every client you deal with is by far the simplest approach to obtain a Google review.

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