If you are a parent with school-going kids, you know the struggle never ends in finding the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad. There is a lot of work that you still need to do for the admissions. Moreover, this is when the parents need to stay super vigilant and informed, as a single mistake can lead to significant troubles. They have to keep track of the dates, prepare themselves and the child for the interview, and take care of the finances! 

A lot of effort goes into choosing and admitting your child into the best international school in Ahmedabad. However, when there is so much to do, it is only human to miss out on a few things. Go through the detailed procedure for admission into the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad mentioned below- 

Admission procedure for the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Gather Information

The first step is to gather all possible information from the admission helpdesk. For example, you would want to know about the seat availability, fee structure, admission process, documents you need, eligibility criteria, and the list never ends. Therefore, it is better to call the admission assistance team and resolve all your queries. 

Get the Application Form

The next step is to bring the application form and fill it duly with factual information. Make sure you fill the form carefully, sitting at peace, as impulsiveness or hurry can lead to mistakes. Moreover, your application form is your introduction to the school authorities, so it is important to fill it with all your attention. 

Learn the Dates

The most common mistake that parents make is missing the dates! First, understand that the admission process happens on fixed dates. There is a last date for form submission, interviews, fee submission, and other steps. So, it is vital to get the details about the dates first, write them down, and stick them in a place where they are visible to you. This way, you can ensure that you do not miss out on any dates! Also read about for the class 7 admission process. 

Visit the School

It is vital to visit the school personally before the admission process. You need to check the amenities and the environment at school, ensuring that your child will adapt to the school comfortably. Make sure you visit on a working day to get a better idea. Observe the students carefully. You know you have reached the right place if you see happy kids.

Form Submission 

Remember the last date for form submission, and make sure you submit yours on time. Before that, cross-check the document requirement sheet. Then, verify that you have attached all the documents with the form, leaving no scope of a mistake.

Interview Preparation

The next step is to prepare yourself and the child for interviews. CBSE schools conduct personal interviews for the parents as well. It is not a formal assessment test type of interview! You will have to answer a few questions about your professional life and your child. The school only wants to understand your perspective and know how serious you are about your child’s future. 

Fee Payment

Lastly, when you sail through the interview and all other formalities, the only thing left is the fee payment. The school will share the detailed fee structure and inform you when you have to make the payments. Follow that list and make the transactions to confirm admission!

With this, the admission process completes, and your child gets enrolled in the school. After this, you also have to prepare your child for their educational journey. Buy all the essentials they may need at school. 

These essentials include books, stationery, school bag, tiffin, uniform, and school supplies. Moreover, parents need to prepare their children mentally for school. Work on keeping their excitement levels high, ensuring they feel happy and adapt to the school well. Also, search for a school near me.

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