Others could argue that unwelcome glances or unwanted remarks are just as common in gyms for women as malfunctioning exercise equipment or large crowds. According to a 2021 study, 76% of women report feeling uneasy working out in public owing to harassment. In a different survey conducted by Run Repeat, 56% of women said that they have experienced harassment while working out.

When the looking gets too intense, love occasionally flees the gym. She claimed, “I get irritated, anxious, and my survival instinct comes on.” “I’ll usually end my workout early because I can’t feel comfortable around that person again.” One of her pals recently revealed to her that a man had attempted to discreetly record her working out. Love discusses stories with friends. playboy merch

A man can be seen gazing in her direction in a video that an influencer by the name of Jessica Fernandez posted at the gym last month. On the video, she can be heard muttering, “I hate this, I hate when there are weirdos. Wild, wild, wild—like fucking wild. She denied the man’s offer to help her lift a weight when he asked her if she needed it.

Women are harassed in gyms and it needs to stop, but you are not one of them, Swoll wrote in response to her video. You are not a victim because of a kind deed or passing glance. After receiving more than 812,000 likes on the video, Fernandez decided to retract her post. Inquiries

for comment were not answered by Swoll or Fernandez.

Why are males unable to behave themselves at the gym? Gyms have long been segregated by gender, according to historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, author of the recently released book Fit Nation: The Benefits and Pains of America’s Workout Addiction. In the past, there were separate gyms for men and women, or health clubs held designated “ladies’ days.” playboyhoodie

For instance, the hosiery company L’eggs organised the inaugural Mini-Marathon in New York, which was shown on television, in June 1972. Playboy Bunnies stood on either side of the race’s starting line. According to the video, several of the male spectators were there to jeer at the female competitors rather than support them, Petrzela claimed. Late-night presenters frequently made fun of seeing women in Spandex like Debbie Drake or Jane Fonda dance on TV for reasons “other than the exercise” even as second-wave feminism urged women to enrol in fitness courses en masse in the 1970s and 1980s.

The idea of returning to fitness facilities that are exclusively for women is still debatable because the majority of gyms in use today are co-ed. The state law prohibiting discrimination based on gender was breached, according to a decision made by Connecticut’s supreme court last year. Despite this, the gym frequently has unofficial sex-segregated areas.

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