Furniture has an in-built attribute to transform a space aesthetically and functionally. The right piece of furniture can bring a space to life and reflect your style. Among several options, a bold sofa, an intricate coffee table, or a unique lighting fixture can be a source of immense comfort and functionality while showcasing creativity. Live edge coffee table is one such piece of exclusive furniture. It suits best if you want a natural touch to your décor. But finding the perfectly edged table is crucial. Several factors need to be considered while choosing a live edge table. 

Wood Type

Different types of wood will have different colors, grain patterns, and knots. These tables are typically made from solid wood, such as walnut, oak, maple, or redwood. If you want a warm and inviting table, go for a table made from walnut or cherry. Oak and maple are used to create modern and sleek tables. But, if you want all these features in one, choose a live edge redwood coffee table. Its unique beauty will surely make it a conversation piece in your space.

Table Size 

It is important to deliberate the accurate size of the piece and how well it fits into your space. Make sure that the table’s dimensions are appropriate according to the place you plan to cover. Benches, side tables, and coffee tables have specific dimensions per their utility. For instance, if you are looking for a coffee table, you will want suitable storage to accommodate books, magazines, and other items, but it must not occupy too much space in the room.

Style of Table

Live edge tables come in various styles, from modern and minimalist to rustic and rugged. Think about what kind of vibe you want to create before considering the furniture style. For instance, choose a clean, sleek designed table if you want a simple and modest statement. But, if you are looking for a bold piece, pick a live-edge dining table with a more dramatic edge.


Finalizing your budget is important because live edge tables are available in several ranges, from reasonable to highly expensive. Price should always be paid for quality, not only for superficial features. Consider the finish, wood type, and durability when thinking about price. You can often find affordable live edge tables for sale at furniture stores, online retailers, or even at local craft fairs.

Bottom Line

A good quality piece of furniture is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, be it at home or the workplace. So, if you want to add excitement to your ambiance, invest in exclusively designed live-edge coffee, dining, or side tables. 

STATUSWOOD offers high-quality, durable, and specifically handcrafted live edge tables and other woodwork. We let our customers customize their furniture pieces and put our efforts into complying with their expectations. You can contact us anytime to customize your orders.

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