Designing an ergonomic and visually appealing laundry room can be quite challenging. There is a wide range of choices for the laundry room worktop and plentiful options as far as layouts, cupboards, fixtures, and colour schemes are concerned. Here are some noteworthy suggestions for homeowners.

5 Best-Voted Laundry Room Worktop Materials

The same amount of research, dedication, and eye for detail directed toward selecting kitchen worktops should be devoted to choosing the best laundry room worktop. Here are the five top-voted materials:-

  1. Marble Worktops– Despite a multitude of natural stones and composite materials, marble remains the first choice of homeowners. No other material can beat its luxurious appeal and classy ambience. Marble worktops are sturdy and heat-resistant. These are also easy to cut, shape, and install. But they undoubtedly require regular polishing and maintenance to last long. Stain removal should never be done on marble worktops, lest it reacts with a chemical and gets stained.
  2. Wooden Worktops– Wooden worktops in the laundry room are durable and impart an understated, antiquated charm. These are extremely convenient for ironing and folding clothes. But homeowners must ensure that it is well-sealed to ensure its longevity. Unsealed wooden surfaces will become rough and grainy and eventually absorb moisture to swell and split. Its cost-effectiveness and sturdiness make it a popular choice for laundry worktops. 
  3. Engineered Quartz and Quartzite Worktops– For homeowners who desire the regal aura of marble worktops without the maintenance hassles, natural Quartzite stone is an excellent option. It is as tough and easy to maintain as granite, with the innate visual allure of marble. Since this natural stone is mostly quarried in Brazil, it requires a sizeable investment. Manmade quartz is a cheaper, customizable alternative with the same advantages. It can be engineered as per the homeowner’s exact requirements.
  4. Porcelain Tile Worktops– While it may lack the charming aesthetics of natural materials like marble and wood, the use of porcelain tile worktops are gaining prominence. These have multiple advantages, such as ease of installation, high customizability, budget-friendliness, and ease of maintenance. However, homeowners must pay attention to the fragility aspect and avoid keeping heavy baskets/crates on porcelain worktops.
  5. Laminated Worktops– Lamination ensures a smooth surface, impervious to heat, water, and chemicals. This makes laminated laundry countertops a practical choice for working with clothes. Its non-reactivity to detergent and chemicals is the biggest advantage. 

Handy Tips for the Best Laundry Room Layout

To plan and design a robust laundry room layout, homeowners must pay attention to the following points:-

  1. The overall laundry room layout has to be in sync with the chronological stages of the laundry process. So soaking/suds, washing, drying, folding, and ironing areas have to be arranged seamlessly from one corner of the room to the other.
  2. The washing machine size/type, sink area, countertops, and cupboards should be planned as per the estimated volume and frequency of laundering. The higher the number of family numbers, the larger should be the dedicated spaces.
  3. Sufficient space should be allotted for storing laundry supplies like detergents, chemicals, and brushes. Ideally, a mini-pantry should house all other home cleaning supplies and tools. Ease of reach and clutter-free storage is important.
  4. For stain removal, there should be a dedicated worktop (made with a non-reactive material). Yet another countertop should be used for drying delicates. 
  5. If there is sufficient space, a marble island in the centre of the room with ample storage capacity and bins is a must. Using overhead cabinets and organizers to maximize storage space is a must for smaller rooms.


Laundering is an important household activity. Often sidelined for other important rooms in the house, the purpose of intuitively designing the laundry room is to enhance productivity whilst ensuring a cheerful aura to eliminate any drudgery. This is why there must be a seamless blend between functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics.

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