Adelaide is one of the best cities to live in Australia. The city has several amenities and is known for providing all citizens with an excellent standard of living. There are some magnificent shopping malls in Adelaide, along with hospitals, schools, ATMs, etc. All of these amenities have made the lives of people convenient. 

This guide will take you through the best shopping malls in Adelaide, along with the highlights and details about their parking lots. Read on to learn everything about the best malls in the city.

List of the Largest Shopping Malls in Adelaide 

We have curated a list of Adelaide’s largest and best shopping malls. You can go through the list and decide on the malls you would like to visit. 

1. Myer Centre Adelaide

If you want to shop, have great food, and are looking for ample parking space, Myer Centre is the place. They have an outlet well-known for kebabs and other well-known dishes from around the world. Apart from some of the best retail outlets, the famous chemist warehouse Adelaide is also a part of this mall to help people with medicines.

2. Rundle Mall

The Rundle Mall is one of the best shopping malls in the city. It is a must-visit for all the tourists who fly to the city. The mall has 700 stores, and these stores range from departmental stores to specialty stores. The mall also has some of the best international brands. The chemist warehouse in Adelaide is also an important part of this mall for medical requirements. 

3. Adelaide Arcade

The Adelaide Arcade is another great shopping mall in the city. The structure of this mall is different compared to the other malls in Adelaide. It is an arcade with multiple small independent stores. You may also find some of the best local brands in this mall. The front area of the mall has a decent-sized parking lot.  

4. Burnside Village 

This mall deserves the distinction of being Adelaide’s most opulent retail centre since it is roomy and meticulously maintained to provide you with the best shopping experience. With more than 100 stores selling national and international brands, this location is appropriate for even the most glitzy customers. The mall also has a very high-end parking space. 

5. Westfield Marion

Westfield Marion is the largest mall in Southern Australia. Hence, you must visit it if you are travelling to the city. You will find some of the best boutique stores in this mall. Also, some stores sell various goods like apparel, footwear, etc. The mall is known for some of the best offers across outlets.

These are some of the top shopping malls in Adelaide. There are several other malls in the city that are worth visiting. However, we have highlighted the best out of the lot. The other Adelaide malls you can visit include Regent Arcade, City Cross, etc.

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