Do you know the Black Mafia Family? Do you know the founding father of this organisation? His name is Demetrius. In the police record, this person is also known as Big Meech. No, we are not talking about any upcoming movie, crime thriller, or mafia television series. It is a real story.

Recently it is reported that big meech wife dies. After the news was published in various media, many people searched for the details on the internet. But what is the absolute truth? Why are people so curious to know about Big Meech’s wife? Yes, there is a reason. The reason is the family is not an average family. 

Due to this reason, many people are interested to know the details about big meech wife dies. We will also discuss the matter. But before that, the readers need to know about the “Big Meech” and the “Blck Mafia” company. Get ready to learn a horrified real story of Demetrius. We also discuss his wife’s recent death as well. 

The Black Mafia and the Big Meech 

Many people want to ask about Big Meech. As we already informed you that the actual name of Big Meech is Demetrius. The family is related to the drug business and money laundering work. The family is also associated with many notaries’ outcomes. That is why the family is famous as Black Mafia Family or BMF. 

It was in 1985. When the Detroit Brothers Demetrius and Terry founded this criminal organisation. Terry is also famous for the “Southwest T” Felony. The two brothers started the operation of drug trafficking in the middle 80s. After 15 years, nearly in 2000, the two brothers initiated the cocaine distribution work. They used to buy cocaine from Latin America and distribute it throughout the whole country. 

Police even told me once the Felony brothers had a direct connection with drug dealers in Mexico. We all know that Mexico is famous for its drug traffickers. Big Meech and his brother established a vast network of this distribution work in Los Angeles. 

But at this time, for legal reasons, the felony brothers also entered the Hip-Hop music sector. In the name of BMF, they legitimise their illegal money via this entertainment company. The company also promote many famous and popular pop artists at that time. Some of their announced artists were Bleu DaVinci. The two brothers soon became famous for this new eye wash venture and the lavish lifestyle. 

But the Felony brothers were always in the drug distribution business. In 2005 the situation changed. The Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, started an investigation against these Black Mafia families. The investigation team has many sources, and they found much proof that is enough to prove their work. 

The investigation authority arrested them and sent them to prison for 30 years. The prosecutor later said that these drug distributions made the two brothers earn more than 270 million USD. 

The Story of Big Meech

If you want to know a notorious criminal mind person, you can take the name Demetrius Edward or Big Meech. Demetrius was born on 21 June 1968. From his high school days, Big Meech was selling cocaine on the road of Detroit. Demetrius and his brother started this drug business in the 1980s. Later these two took control of the drug distribution racket in America. 

For this business reason, they established an organization that can be worked as a distribution company and sell in the market. Big Meech and his brother connected well with Latin America’s drug lords. 

The report says that by 2003, the organisation established many branches in various cities. These cities are California, Georgia, Alabama, Florid, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and many more. The organisation had more than 500 committed members all over the country. 

In his personal life, Demetrius used to be a playboy-type person. His name was associated with many girlfriends. And he also dated many famous models and celebrities, including Sabrina Peterson. 

Demetrius got married to Tare Bigmeech. It has been reported recently that big meech wife dies. While we research Tare, we don’t get much information about her. As per the expert’s view, Tare lived a closed life. She didn’t appear much in front of anyone or the media. That is the reason we don’t have much data on Tara. 

But many people are asking the question of how big meeh wife dies. But actually, we don’t have any proper answer. We try to discover the cause of death. But we don’t find any reports, data or anything that we can give you accurate information on. Even we don’t have any proper announcement from the Big Mafia family about the incident. 

Many people think Big Meech had many relations with the many ladies. That is one of the reasons we don’t have any information about the first lady of the Black Mafia Family. More interestingly, we don’t get any proper documents about the marriage story of Big Meech and his wife. 

Many also need clarification about which number wife has died. People have questions because we receive many names, such as Meech’s wife. Sometimes the name is Tara, sometimes, the name is Tonesa. But there is no clear clue about the news of this big meech wife dies. 

But in this case, we find one clear clue from the CEO statement of the Black Mafia organisation. The CEO reported that the news was just speculation. Even more, he said the news is fake. His argument is Big Meech never married any woman. Even they don’t have any information about the wife of Big Meech. For this reason, confusion has taken place. 

Even after many searches and research, we don’t know about this news. For this reason, we need to depend on the current status and other news media reports. But what is the truth? Yes, many people will ask this question. But the fact is, at the moment, we don’t have any proper answer on big meech wife dies. So, we should wait for the appropriate report and data. And if we receive any, we will inform you as soon as possible on this particular news. 

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