The Jordan company chose to launch its first concept shop in Milan rather than, say, Chicago, proving that sports and fashion can coexist well this year. As for the reason, Craig Williams, the president of the company, told WWD that “it’s a fashion centre of the world.” There are many similarities between our goals and what Milan stands for when it comes to the influence we want to have on customers, the industry, streetwear, and culture. People come here to think about what’s fresh and what will be popular in a year or two.

According to Mr Villaseor, his contract with the Coyotes will give him access to everything, including, potentially, “campaigns, the colour scheme of the arena, the drinks, the lighting, the logo and the design, including outside the stereotypical merch programme to dressing the team on both a street and formality level.” It resembles an internal remodelling initiative.

And similar to what he is attempting

to accomplish with Bally, where he added some sleazy glitz to the Alpine trinkets. If you truly think about it, Mr Villaseor added, “it’s about recognising the heritage and enhancing it.”

That is the kind of fashion jargon that is typically used in design studios rather than gyms. But according to New York Islanders owner Scott Malkin, it’s not him, managing talent that frequently doesn’t easily fit into a formal system and that must grow with society is what sports and fashion are all about: “creative energy coupled to execution.” He claimed that they both maintain a demanding schedule, possess tremendous mental influence, and enjoy discussing the “curation of experience.”

The fleeting nature of fashion

may seem a strange match for the blockchain, a long-lasting online ledger. However, the industry is figuring out ways to use it and other digital tools to cut waste and advance fashion.

Italian company Lablaco is working with fashion houses and brands to digitise their collections in the burgeoning “phygital” fashion market — when customers buy both a physical fashion item and its digital “twin,” designed to be collected or worn by avatars in virtual environments like the metaverse.

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