J Prince Jr Introduction 

J. Prince Jr. is an established American business owner, television personality, vocalist, star child, & connected person. As the child of James Prince, a vocalist businessman who originated Rap-A-Lot Records above the past forty years, he accomplished national fame. 


Rap-A-Lot Records was happening in the 1980s by his dad, the music tycoon James Prince.

Jas Prince, a businessperson and CEO of a record company. Jay Prince is a Prince Boxing employee, in his siblings. 

Height and Age 

According to 2022, J. Prince Jr. is 37 years old. He has a height of about 5’9″ (1.75m). 

J. Prince as an entrepreneur and musician

Most of Prince’s wealth came from his position as CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records in Houston. Pop stars are now supporting poor neighborhoods after he spent twenty years supporting Houston’s rap scene. 

J Prince Jr.’s career  

J Prince Jr.’s precise birthdate is uncertain. It is generally accepted that he was born sometime around 1987. J Prince Jr. is also the CEO and founder of the Houston-based streetwear company Mob Ties, where he takes up residence with his family. The movement of Bosses Together in an Elevated Structure is called Mob Ties. According to his Instagram bio, he also represents the srap artist Finesse2tymes.

The rapper is best known for his most recent single, Humble, which features J Prince Jr. in the music video.

In addition, J Prince Jr. also operates a cafe in Houston’s midtown. A community center was built by Prince in his former 5th Ward neighborhood to support small children, teenagers, and adults. The Houston City Council & Mayor Bill White established a day in honor of his contributions in 2007.

Since 2007, he has been educating young people about HIV/AIDS awareness and protection. The Rap-a-Lot record label was founded by Prince in 1986 in Houston, Texas.

The business is referred to as Smoke-a-Lot Records. Hip-hop was popularized in the South by the Geto Boys, Rap-A-most Lot’s most famous group. In all those years, gangster & southern rap has remained a popular and intense genre. During the 2000s, Asylum Records released it.

For both his creative accomplishments and his charitable endeavors, J. Prince was recognized in 2010 at the VH1. In the annual meeting Hip Hop Honors Awards among Master P, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland, & Slick Rick. In reaction to the recent story involving Drake, a Young Money artist, Prince dropped the diss track “Courtesy Call.” He insults Diddy & Birdman in the song. 

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Favorite J. Prince Quotes 

  • “As a young child who grew up in a structured environment and was taught to answer yes sir and no sir, regard was a privilege taught to me. From there, it’s just been about establishing a reputation for being a strong guy who understands what is right and wrong, and the kids get it because he is from a similar background. He come from the area in which the wolves are. (J. Prince) 
  • “At first, we encountered a hostile climate, racial profiling by police, and discrimination on the part of business owners. Our unconventional ways didn’t get much backing, and instead, East and West Coast tunes were being imitated by musicians. (J. Prince) 

Close relationships with the Community 

J. Prince Jr. discussed his deep ties to the neighborhood in an interview. He talked about the lessons he had acquired from his father, James Prince, as well as the examples he had been given. 

The businessman talked about how his father instilled in him the importance of never forgetting his origins. He continued his relationship than finding ways to give back to society in various ways. J Prince Jr. continued by mentioning how he would frequently invite well-known musicians to his birthday parties in the past. He said it while noting artists like Chris Brown & Drake. 

J. Prince’s birthday party

On October 31, Jr. Prince invited numerous A-listers to his birthday party, including Quavo & Takeoff. The Houston birthday festivities were attended by the uncle & nephew combo. On his Instagram Account, Quavo also posted a brief clip of himself riding in a flexible car with Jr. Prince & 2 other persons. 

J. Prince Jr. personal life 

The personality of J. Prince is beautiful. The internet and other social media accounts were used by people to find out more about him after he became popular across the country. In his Instagram profile, he showcases his musical endeavors and collaborations with friends and collaborators. He didn’t post anything at all about his relationship, though, on social networks. 

He is single due to incomplete information on her private life. Before concentrating on his personal life, he wishes to become a well-known star like his father. 

J Prince Jr. net worth  

J. Prince Jr. is worth about $3 million in US dollars. The family of such a successful businessman enjoys a prosperous lifestyle. As well as expensive furniture and other showpieces, he owns a beautiful home. Additionally, he holds a costly fleet of elegant cars.

Aside from his businesses, he earns a respectable living from advertising, music, and many other ventures. Approximately USD 3 million is estimated to be J Price’s net worth.

This well-known figure makes a respectable income from his line of work. 

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