Are you prepared to think about a future as a commercial helicopter pilot? Many individuals explore this career option, yet many believe it takes more work. “How to become a helicopter pilot?” is the first question the admissions staff receives. You can get started after correctly educating and training yourself. However, below are the most critical steps to get started with a career as a helicopter pilot. 

Steps To Start Career As A Helicopter Pilot

  • Consider A Discovery Flight

Consider an exploration flight if you are still determining if you want to continue helicopter flying. During a discovery journey, you and a trainer can sit in the pilot seat of a training helicopter. You will get a sense of what it’s like to operate a helicopter.

  • Discuss And Inquire

What to anticipate from the programs at a flying school is necessary. You can discuss the specifics of your education with an expert over a while. Asking inquiries now is a wise move. Additionally, you could have the chance to take a simulator ride.

  • Select An Accountable Flying School

Preferably, it would be best if you located a flight training facility with the greatest degree of accreditation. A CASA pilot license is important. A school must comply with at least FAR Part 61 to operate legally under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR).

  • Check The FAR Compliance

Some institutions are also FAR Part 141 compliant, which calls for more thorough instruction and evaluation by highly qualified licensed flying instructors (CFIs). As a result, the level of teaching provided by FAR Part 61 flight schools is on par with that of FAR Part 141 institutions. FAR Part 141 schools, however, provide more thorough instruction with more excellent standards.

  • Keep At Least Two Sessions

Although flying a helicopter many times a week might be expensive, if you wait that long between lessons, you need help remembering what you learned. You should be sure that you understand the previous lesson completely since each new idea relies on the one before.

  • Do Not Skip Your Classes

Additionally, skipping too many classes might make you lose interest in the subject and finally stop taking it, costing you money. On the other hand, you will stay motivated, obtain your qualification more quickly, and learn more information if you take numerous courses each week. The majority of experts advise enrolling in at least two classes each week.

  • Practice The Armchair Flying

You can improve your flight abilities while seated in a comfortable and secure setting at work, at home, or wherever on the ground. Using the armchair piloting method, you can practice your operations in front of a procedure instructor, which is a mock-up of the cockpit. In armchair flying, you practice each step in various contexts, such as adverse weather or everyday circumstances. 


These tips answer the question, “How to become a helicopter pilot?” Continue your practice and training if you want to succeed in overcoming those obstacles. It can be hard to fly a helicopter. As a result, during exercise, you should be patient and persevere through many obstacles. You will eventually get beyond the challenges and excel as a pilot.

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