Some people might think as to why they should leave all other educational philosophies behind, and choose Montessori education for their children? But there are multiple reasons why. There are many international schools in Dubai that follow this type of education.

If you are willing to choose Montessori education for your child, you need to know the benefits that it can provide. There are multiple benefits in and out of the classroom provided by Montessori education, and this guide will explain some of them.

 Benefits Provided By a Montessori School in Dubai

Some of the important reasons why you should opt for Montessori education for your child are as follows:

●      Montessori can move from concrete to abstract

One of the things that many people will notice and appreciate about Montessori education is how all the materials and subject matter moved from concrete to abstract. Your child will be able to interact with different ideas and concepts rather than only memorizing facts.

Your child can quantify a number in math and will understand place value with the help of a visual representation of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. They can also develop their senses by having experiences with smooth and rough boards and colour boxes and also learning land/water forms.

●      Montessori education in an international school in Dubai can facilitate a natural love for learning.

Montessori education in an international school in Dubai is neither too strict nor too free. Here, tutors will follow your child and help them enjoy, witness and discover many things in this world. The materials in Montessori education can bring out the curious nature of your child.  

They can allow the students to do things that they thought they could not do. They can open up your child to help them learn for themselves and can also teach them how to discover but not in a step-by-step hand holding manner.

●      Montessori education aims to educate the whole child. 

Montessori education can help take your child’s education outside the classroom. It will affect how they interact with other people, the freedom they have in their homes, and they also learn how to take care of themselves, others and the environment.

A Montessori school in Dubai can help your child to be equipped for daily life. This is done by providing them with practical skills that can help them to be a contributing member of their classrooms, family and community. Montessori education does not view your child as an incapable individual but as someone who is capable.

●      Montessori education does not believe in rewarding.

Your child will not acquire any gold stars in a Montessori environment. There is no extra reward for learning rather than having the joy that your child will receive when they discover or do something new. One of the biggest problems in the modern education system is that it has affected our society to desire a reward for every accomplishment.

Whether your child gets candy for completing a task in a proper way or if a child deserves dessert for controlling anger, all these are conditions for your child to perform, which is why a child in a Montessori school in Dubai may expect a reward when they do well in something rather than being happy about it.

●      Montessori focuses mainly on the individual child and their potential

One of the most serious problems associated with traditional schooling is setting a curriculum based on a child’s age and expecting each child to study and progress through a material at a good pace to obtain better results.

But the above does not happen as no two children are at the same spot in terms of development. You can think of a student who might be bored of a subject matter as they already understand the concepts, and the work is easy for them, but another student might struggle to understand the same concept. 

The main problem is with the bored child in a Montessori school in Dubai being in trouble, losing interest in a concept and waiting for their peers to catch up. But the struggling child may feel more or less embarrassed that they are failing.

But in a Montessori environment, all the students can meet their full potential and work at their respective pace. They will not need to wait for other students to catch up with them and feel low for not being able to understand a concept.

In this type of environment, every child will learn differently and at a different pace. As a result, Montessori needs to recognize sensitive periods in a child and the teacher, which is essential.

Bottom Line

There are multiple reasons why you must align your child’s academics under Montessori education in an international school in Dubai. Your child can benefit greatly under such a learning environment, which will ensure that they can succeed in their respective fields in the future. 

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