Primary education is the first and most fundamental right of every kid. It is the initial phase in a child’s personality development. The primary school’s role is to provide the child’s broad-based learning and a smooth transition to high school. Social, cognitive, cultural, emotional, and physical growth are all included. This instruction should be given in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

Primary School  an important part of a child’s development.

Primary school is an important time in students’ lives because it prepares them for their future education, especially high school. It is a stage in their educational journey when their teachers assist them in identifying their academic and extracurricular interests and impart knowledge through engrossing methods and modern technology. Primary school concepts help students gain useful insights and use their imagination to gain a better understanding of the subjects.

What is the current state of Primary Schools in India?

Primary school enrollment in India has been a success story, thanks in large part to various programs and drives to increase enrollment even in remote areas. With enrollment reaching at least 96 percent since 2009 and girls accounting for 56 percent of new students between 2007 and 2013, it is clear that many issues concerning access to education have been addressed. Also, read about the school admission process in Pune. 

How does Primary Education help us?

According to a World Bank report, only 44% of Indian children complete their 10th-grade studies ( high school ). Many drop out before completing their primary-level education. If this drop-out rate is not addressed, the rate of illiteracy will rise in the future.

Literacy (the ability to read and write) rates have a significant impact on a country’s ability to boost its economy. As a result, primary schools can help to maintain a high literacy rate. 

Why High School is a major milestone in a child’s academic journey?

High school, also known as a higher secondary school in India, is the final stage of a student’s education. Students study for competitive exams in order to be admitted to universities. A good high school helps students develop a mindset for understanding things practically as well as theoretically. CBSE is one of the most popular curricula offered in schools across India. 

As mentioned above, CBSE is the most popular curriculum in the world because Its adaptable framework and pragmatic approach are centered on discipline quality and depth. Smart technology, modern teaching methods, advanced facilities, and digital classrooms support the CBSE curriculum at a school campus, allowing primary school students to perform and excel in the subjects of their choice.


Improving learning will necessitate a number of changes, including increased teacher accountability. According to school visits, teacher attendance in primary and middle schools is only 85 percent, and increasing the number of time teachers spend on-task and increasing their responsibility for student learning is also needed. 

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