Hinduism is one of the many cultures and religious traditions that originated in India. Devotees prepare traditional Indian cuisine and sweets to offer the Gods while they worship their idols. The Hindu practice of puja is devotional prayer. Indian deities are worshipped at pujas with rituals, songs of praise, lamps, flowers, and other offerings. However, these pujas performed for gods are complete with having the necessary items required as puja samagri.

Particular ceremonial objects, or “puja samagri,” are needed to complete the procedures carried out during a puja. You can get them from Pooja Stores if you live in Brampton. Here in this blog, you will learn about some of the essential items you must keep at home that is used in almost every puja.

Pooja Thali

One of Puja’s key components is the Puja Thali. It’s a plate of metal, typically copper, silver, or brass. The items in this dish include flower petals, rice, a lamp, a sindoor, and haldi. To perform the majority of aartis, worshippers must hold the thali in front of the idols in a clockwise round motion. Devotees shower the idols with love and devotion during this worship by tossing rice grains and flower petals. Today, thalis come in a variety of forms.

Stick Incense

When lighted, incense sticks or agarbattis release a pleasant and relaxing smell that fosters a pious and holy atmosphere conducive to prayer. The many scents of incense sticks make them suitable for usage at festive times. Agarbattis maintain the tranquillity of the puja area by lasting a long time and frequently outlasting the flame of a Diya. Another type of incense is called dhoop, and when it burns, it emits a beautiful scent that enhances the flow and energy of pujas.

Diya or a lamp

Clay lamps are typically seen in most homes because they have been historically used in Hindu rites and festivities for countless years. Keeping diyas lit next to idols is said to be a good omen because the flame of a Diya is regarded as fortunate. Keeping at least two diyas during puja is advised since they represent wealth, wisdom, enlightenment, and knowledge. Diyas are the perfect choice for all rituals, festivities, and everyday pujas because they are long-lasting if you keep them filled with oil or ghee.


Matchsticks are one of the essential items included in puja samagri, and you can easily find them at Radhe Radhe Store. High-quality matchsticks are essential for lighting candles, diyas, agarbattis, dhoop sticks, and camphor. If your matchsticks burn out or break too rapidly, there will be a problem lighting your significant puja items. High-grade and extra-long Homelite Matchsticks are safer to use because they are of higher quality.


The Ayurvedic system of medicine promotes ghee, a golden liquid, for its many health advantages. These Havans or fire ceremonies have traditionally included the use of clarified butter. The well-liked and devout prasad known as “Panchamrit” also requires ghee as a key component. Curd, milk, sugar, and honey round out the list of components. Ghee is also used for many purposes. You can use this as havan puja and lighting up diyas on various auspicious occasions.


One of the most promising sounds is the ringing of a bell. The usage of bells in aartis and bhajans is a result. In addition, they increase the tempo of the sacred melodies, which improves the atmosphere and encourages greater dedication. Devotees can concentrate better since a bell’s ringing draws their minds from other activities. You will feel peaceful with these essential puja samagri materials and be ready for any puja or event in your home.


Since it is believed to hold the “Amrit,” or nectar of life, Kalash is a sacred circular metallic pitcher. During celebrations or pujas, a Kalash may be adorned with coconut, mango leaves, flowers, or even a sacred thread. A Kalash represents infinite wealth and immortality. A puja room contains it, which is kept facing northeast. You can get all the samagri items at Radhe Radhe Puja & Decor for the best rates.

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