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The actor is mostly known for his work as a professional film and television director and actor. Norton plays roles in many blockbuster films. He received a lot of film awards due to his outstanding performances in various movies. One of the significant achievements of Edward Norton is winning the Golden Globe award. He spent his life’s early time in Boston. Then he moves to Japan for his career. Norton worked in Japan just for a few months; after that, he returned to New York City and started working as an actor in the Hollywood industry. Edward Norton height, early life, biography, career, and other facts are discussed in this article.  

Bio of Edward Norton

In the Hollywood industry, Edward Norton is a well-known personality. Around the world, Norton has millions of fans who want to know information about him. The full name of Edward Norton is “Edward Harrison Norton.” The nickname Norton is “ED.” He was born on 18th August 1969. Edward Norton was born in Massachusetts, United States of America. Norton has the Leo zodiac sign.


The name of Norton’s mother was Lydia Robinson. She was formally known as “Robin.” By profession, Robin was the CEO of a foundation, and she was also an English teacher. Lydia Robinson was the daughter of James Rouse. Edward Norton’s father is a famous real estate developer. When Robin was alive, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Later on, she died due to cancer on 16th March 1997.

The Father of Edward Norton is “Edward Mower Norton Jr.” By profession, he was a famous lawyer who mainly dealth with environmental cases. In addition, his father works for the “National Trust for Historic Preservation.” Edwards Norton also has two paternal uncles. The names of his uncles are below,

  • James Edward
  • Molly Edwards

Edward Norton has one brother and one sister. His sisters and brothers are mentioned below,

  • Molly Norton
  • Jim Norton

His early years were spent in Columbia, Maryland, USA, although he was born in Massachusetts.


As described earlier that Edward Norton spent most of his childhood in Columbia. He goes to “Wilde Lake High School, Columbia” for his initial education. After that, he went to Yale College to study. After graduating from college, he went to Yale University for higher education. Finally, Norton completed his education in 1987. The final graduation degree he got in BA History.

The love life of Edward Norton

Edward Norton got married to Shauna Robertson in 2012. Shauna Robertson is also a film produces by her profession. The career span of Shauna consists from 1999 to 2008. She is a Canadian nationality holder born in Markham, Ontario, Canada. She was born on 18th December 1975. Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson have one baby boy named Atlas Norton.

Edward Norton height, weight, age, and physical appearance

Edward Norton’s height is approximately 1.83 meters. He got broken his ribs during an unfortunate accident. Due to the accident injury, Norton lost a fraction of his height. As of 2022, the weight of Edward Norton is 80 kilograms, and he is a 52-year-old Hollywood celebrity.

Physically he is a fit man with white skin. The color of Norton’s hair is dark brown. He wears 8.5UK size shoes. And the eye color of Edward Norton is Blue.


From his childhood, Norton has taken a keen interest in acting. When he was eight years old, he tried to understand the concept of “Motivation in a scene.” His life was spent attending theater schools and eventually working on stage as a member of the “Signature players,” which produced plays written and directed by “Edward Albee.” Norton was selected as a star in a new courtroom thriller, Primal Fear (1996), alongside Richard Gere. When he appeared in Albee’s Fragments in Hollywood, “Leonardo DiCaprio” would have been perfect for the role; however, he declined.

As a result of his performance in Primal Fear (1996), Edward was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His appearance transformed into a monstrous skinhead after gaining 30 pounds of muscle for his role as a violent white supremacist in American History X (1998). He received a second Oscar nomination for this performance, for best actor.

Following are some super hit movies names in which Edward Norton has done acting:

  • American History X          1998
  • Flight Club                        1999
  • Primal Fear                         1996
  • The Incredible Hulk         2008
  • Motherless Brooklyn      2019
  • The Illusionist                    2006

Why did Marvel fire Norton?

In a statement addressing the matter, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that the choice to replace Norton with another actor was motivated by “the requirement for an actor who reflects the creative and collaborative spirit” of the remaining cast members: “Our choice is unquestionably not driven by financial considerations.


Apart from working in the Hollywood industry, Edward Norton is also the founder of a profitable organization called CrowdRise. The purpose of this organization is fundraising by gathering charities and donations. Along with Edward Norton, Shauna Robertson, Robert, and Jeffrey Wolfe are the cofounder of this organization. Edward Norton has been the CEO of this organization since May 2010. The headquarter of this organization is in Detroit, Michigan.

Edwards Norton Awards

Throughout his career, Edward Norton gets a lot of awards and achievements.

  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for best supporting actor         1996
  • Motion picture’s Golden Globe Award for best-supporting actor                 1997
  • Satellite Award for Best Actor for a Motion Picture                                            1999
  • Obie Award for Performance                                                                                      2003
  • Gotham Independent Film Tribute Award                                                              2006
  • Screen Actors Guide Award for Outstanding Performance                             2015
  • Excellence Award                                                                                                             2015
  • Satellite Auteur Award                                                                                                  2020


So, after reading this article, you learned a lot of things about your favorite personality. This information included Edward Norton height, personal information, education, and another exciting aspect of his life. The lesson you can get from his life is that if you work hard to achieve your goal, you will succeed at the end of the day.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the relationship between Courtney Love and Ed Norton?

Courtney Love was romantically involved with ‘Fight Club star Edward Norton in the late 1990s. They became engaged but never married. Love commented about their separation: “I’m working on my man-karma right now.”

  • Edward Norton’s income is derived from what sources?

Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s parents were not the first to take an Uber in Los Angeles, as he was an early investor in Uber. Other early investors include Kenshoo and EDO. In 2018, Norton was the largest individual shareholder of Kenshoo when it was sold to S&P Global for $550 million.

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