You are familiar with the name Ankara as the capital of Turkey. You will be amazed to know that, apart from the city’s name, Ankara is also a famous fashion dress in African countries like Nigeria. These clothes are known for their bright color, vibrant aesthetics, and bold nature. You can proudly wear these clothes on special occasions and for casual use. In Ankara fashion styles, many fantastic types of clothes are available. In this article, you will know about “Cute Ankara short flare gowns” in more detail.

Ankara clothes/fabrics

Ankara clothes or fabrics are made purely with cotton. That’s why wearing Ankara fabrics always seems easy and comfortable. In African countries, the Ankara fabrics are also known by other names. Some commonly speaking names for Ankara fashion styles are below:

  • African Print
  • Holland Wax
  • Dutch Wax
  • Kitenge
  • Chi tenge

These clothes also come in many types of different designs. African tribal symbols or motifs inspired the prints of Ankara dresses. The other thing you can see in the prints of these fabrics is they primarily represent the culture of Africa.

The identification of these fabrics is straightforward. Anybody who sees these fashion styles can quickly determine that these are the Ankara fashion dresses.

Most commonly used Ankara prints or styles are described below:

  • Feather design
  • The Bonsu design
  • Big bang design
  • Zig zag design

Cute Ankara short flare gowns

No matter which type of Ankara style gown you wear casually or for a special occasion, these styles are always trending. You must add these trending Ankara gown styles to your wardrobe collection. From the huge collection of Ankara gown styles, one of the most famous styles is cute Ankara short flare gowns. Females who wear this dress will always grab attention on special occasions.

There is a lot of design range in the fashion industry related to the Ankara short flare gown styles. This design looks stunning at weddings and birthday ceremonies.

Cute Ankara short flare gowns are best for any kind of body measurement. But one thing you should have to keep in mind while dressing in this fashion style is that you should always be creative and try new things to get a more beautiful and unique look.

From the following Ankara short flare gown styles, you can get a better idea about the selection of styles.

1.      Ankara short flare design with cord lace and pipe sleeves

You must select the design with cord lace and funnel sleeves if you want a unique look from the Ankara short gowns. You will not regret wearing this design because the traditional African print is used in this style. If you want to try this style, use minimal accessories to get a more straightforward and stylish look.

2.      Sleeveless short Ankara gowns

In this style, the short gown is designed in such a style that the shoulder is covered with net fabric, and no sleeves are present. You can wear earrings and a cute bracelet to look more fashionable. Among the most striking aspects of this Ankara flare, short gown style is their flared bottoms, which enhance the design’s overall appearance and beauty.

3.      Off-shoulder short Ankara gown with pattern clothes

It is possible to create a beautiful wedding look by selecting pattern clothes and combining them with off-shoulder sewing on your Ankara dress.

4.      Off-shoulder Ankara flares with wrap sleeves

Short Ankara flare gowns with off-the-shoulder detailing and wrap sleeves are beautiful. The sleeves on this dress are adorned with a ruffled hemline that gives it a girly look. Ankara short gowns have some unique designs, and this one is great for a play date or a hangout.

5.      Cinderella gown style

Something beautiful about short Ankara flare gowns with off-the-shoulder detailing and wrap sleeves. In this dress, the sleeves are adorned with ruffled hemlines that bring a very girly look since they are adorned with a ruffled hemline. Short Ankara gowns have some unique designs, and this one is one of the most suitable ones for a playdate or a hangout with friends.

6.      Turtleneck sleeveless Ankara gown

Ankara short flare dresses with a turtleneck and sleeveless style are one of the most versatile types of Ankara gowns. Whether going to work or attending a meeting, you can wear this short Ankara dress.

Is Ankara a regional garment?

Traditional Ankara designs are necessary to complete the collection of the newest local looks for men in 2022. Nigerians frequently wear Ankara, which is available in countless exquisite patterns and hues. Men can wear Ankara exclusively or mix it with other materials to create ensembles.

Final thoughts

So, here is all the information you need to know about cute Ankara short flare gowns. Before trying any of the abovementioned styles, consult your designer for an opinion. By doing so, you can choose the best style for yourself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is Ankara suitable for a gown for a formal dinner?

Do not be afraid to be noticed in a beautiful Ankara gown with the décor, mainly if a contrasting color is used. Fashion with ruffles and frills: Women’s dresses with ruffles and flounces are delightful. Further, the frills add volume to the necessary part of a figure, softly adjusting the appearance in general.

  • What are the characteristics of the Ankara material?

Cotton Ankara fabrics are highly absorbent. It is possible to test this by putting a drop of water on the Ankara fabric; if it absorbs water quickly, it is a good quality Ankara. However, the fabric may not be of the best quality if the drop of water floats for some time.

  • In what way do you take care of Ankara?

Ankara fabrics and dresses should not be washed with liquid detergents; instead, use bar soap and hand wash. If you wish to wash your Ankara fabric, try tossing it in the washer with a tablespoon of salt. In addition to helping seal the colors, the salt contains chloride. The process is also effective for rugs and scarves.

  • Ankara versus Kitenge: what is the difference?

There are no significant differences between the two materials. Kitenge is so common that most of us are unaware of what they are. It is possible to substitute something else for the two fabrics if they are not sewn.

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