Who is Diana Millay?

American actress Diana Millay was born on June 7, 1935, in Rye, New York. She was probably one of the best and fines model and actors of Hollywood. She is mostly recognized be her work on the various TC shows and she appears of various prime time shows and two daytime series.

Diana Millay net worth

Diana earned almost $5 million net worth in her lifetime. She nevertheless earned sufficiently in her career which includes her among the highest celebrity salaries ever.

Age, height, and weight of Diana Millay

As of 2021, Diana Millay was 86 years old, and her height is 5 ft and 4 inches but the weight is unknown.

Is Diana Millay still alive?

Diana Millay died on January 8, 2021 in New York, USA.

Some Interesting Facts About Diana Millay

1. Diana Millay is 86 years old by age.

2. June 7 in 1935 is her birthday.

3. Gemini is the birth symbol.

4.  The husband of Diana is Geoffrey Montgomery Jones. They both married in 1966 and divorced in 1968. They had one child.

What caused Diana Millay’s death?

Diana Millay, an American actress, passed away at 86 as stated by data for 2021. The American actress Diana Millay died unexpectedly. Still, the cause of Diana Millay’s death was not made public by any channel or news source.

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Diana began her modeling career as a young model for the Montgomery Ward catalog and soon become top Conover performer for John Robert Powers.

Throughout her high school summer break, she participated in annual summer stock musicals. She performed featured or leading roles in time-honored theatre classics like Our Hearts Were Young & Gay.

She had summertime stock for a maximum of seven seasons. She appeared in the 1957 Broadway production of Fair Game alongside Sam Levene & Ellen Burstyn.Diana made her acting debut opposite George Montgomery in the 1957 Unites States Artists film Street of Sinners.

In 1956’s Masquerade Party, Millay played the timeline in one of her earliest television appearances. She debuted her lengthy career on TV as a guest on Star Tonight’s “Taste” episode. She was most well-known for her appearances on television. Diana used to appear in more than 200 primetime programs. She had recurrent roles in the daytime dramas Dark Shadows and the Secret Storm.

Diana was a little child for the Montgomery Ward catalog when she started modeling. Later, she worked for John Robert Powers as a top Conover model. She performed in summer stock plays every year during her senior year of high school. There she used to play features and functions or lead roles in well-known stage productions like Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. The Little Foxes, Tobacco Road, Living With Father, Time Out for Ginger, Bell, Book, Candle, The Girl on such a Via Flaminia, and countless others.

Era of success

She continued to make appearances in additional “live” productions, including Robert Montgomery Shows, Kraft Television Theatre, Studio One, U.S. Steel Hour, Omnibus, and Philco Television Theatre. She had three guest roles on Raymond Burr’s CBS courtroom drama Perry Mason. She portrayed Debra Bradford in “The Case of the Resolute Reformer” in 1961 and Sue Ellen Frazer, in “The Case of such Unfriendly Bride.” In the 1963‘s film “The Case of such Bouncing Boomerang,” she portrayed the murder suspect Eula Johnson.

She has appeared in guest star roles in many top television programs from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, such as Stagecoach West, Father Knows Best, Thriller, Maverick (inside the Slezak & Son), and Boston Terrier. Stories of Wells Fargo, Laramie, and Path 77 are three potential new television programs that Millay created as a TV prototype. She was selected as “Miss Emmy” in 1962 due to her numerous primetime TV performances.

TV appearances

After her appearance on Paramount’s Tarzan and the Great River with Mike Henry & Jan Murray, she was hired as “Laura Collins” in the cult movie Dark Shadows in November 1966. During the remainder of the show’s run, she appeared in sixty-two episodes and played the world’s first supernatural character, an immortal phoenix-woman reborn in a fire.

In the flashback story set in the 19th century, her current incarnation was again consumed by fire, so she returned as another reincarnation of “Laura Collins.” David Selby starred opposite her in MGM’s 1971 adaptation of Night of Dark Shadows. The film was inspired by the series.

In 1970, Millay had given a chance to play “Kitty Styles” on the CBS serial opera The Secret Storm in another primetime role. Joel Crothers, creator of “Joe Haskell”, “Ken Stevens & Robert Costello, gave her a chance to collaborate once more during her stint on this program.   


Diana was very famous celebrity actress in public. People are still admiring her performances and appreciate her. In her era, the public demanded her films. She is famous in tv shows as well as in the film industry. She has been popular from the start of her career, and day by day, her net worth is increasing.  This article on Diana Millay net worth reflects that she earned a handsome amount of money in his lifetime by doing movies and TV shows.

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