Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) create too much discomfort when they irritate the urinary tract lining. UTI is likely to affect 50 – 60% of women during their lifetime, and these figures can be worrying if they do not get treatment. Women with UTIs are likely to experience various symptoms, the common being cramps and itchiness. Luckily, UTI is treatable, and symptoms will start to fade within a few days of taking antibiotics. Unfortunately, not many women understand the causes of UTI and ways to treat it. 

Here are six things women need to know about UTIs and be on the safe side.

1. UTI Symptoms May Not Be Obvious

Most women who had a UTI at one point are familiar with the possible symptoms. Therefore, discomfort and frequent urination should not cause alarm as a UTI symptom. There are various factors to consider when diagnosing UTI. Patients should talk about their treatments and lifestyle for an accurate diagnosis. Some chronic UTI symptoms can be mistaken for STIs or other diseases impacting the immune system.

2. Following Up is Necessary

Modern UTI treatments are effective and can treat symptoms within 3-5 days of starting treatment. Therefore, any patient with persisting symptoms should follow up with a doctor for further analysis and tests. Some of these symptoms, like yeast infection, could be due to antibiotics and require professional medical assistance. The doctors will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

3. You Can Get Treatments from Home

Initially, for a woman to receive chronic UTI treatments, they would have to book an appointment with the doctor. Sometimes, there may be a possibility that there is no appointment date available, for such cases home online and telemedicine services are beneficial. It connects patients to doctors for quick consultations. The doctors can also deliver prescriptions when needed to cut costly treatment costs.  

4. Cranberry Juice Helps with Prevention

Cranberry juice can indeed help alleviate some UTI symptoms. Although the juice does not target the infection directly, it helps with hydration and keeping your urinary tract healthy. Drinking cranberry juice from time to time also inhibits the adherence of the bacteria to the walls of your bladder. 

5. UTI Reinfection is Possible

After treating UTI for the first time, it is expected to go away entirely. However, recurring UTIs are common and can happen to any woman between 18 and 65. In addition, sometimes reinfection happens when a patient does not finish their antibiotics, allowing the multiplication of remaining bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the dose when prescribed antibiotics, even when your symptoms subside.

6. Delayed Treatment Could Damage the Kidney

Antibiotics are effective in treating various types of chronic UTIs. However, delaying treatment and expecting the symptoms to disappear will likely cause kidney problems. This is mostly true for women who experience frequent UTI reinfections. In addition, a woman’s urethra is shorter than a man’s, and bacteria reaches the bladder easily through the tract. Consult your doctor to create a treatment regimen that keeps you healthy. 


If you are experiencing cramps, they may signify a possible UTI infection. These cramps are accompanied by frequent urination and a burning sensation when urinating. So, with all the information in this guide, you can always know when things are getting serious and get help.

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