Brazil is of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists of the world. The cost of living in Brazil is very low compared to America or other European countries. On the other hand, if you examine the salaries of locals and the expenses that they bear, then you realize that Brazil is an expensive country. In Brazil, individuals who earn money in foreign currency can easily bear the expenditures of living in Brazil.

Why do people choose Brazil to live in?

The attraction of living in Brazil is due to a variety of factors. Among the country’s main attractions fascinating beaches and mountains are the main attractions. After that, the extraordinary and beautiful streets of Brazil are the second thing that is liked by tourists a lot.

The weather of Brazil thorough out the year is moderate and the best fit to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenes of the country. Brazil’s economy is growing, no doubt about it. That is why you can find many job opportunities in the country. One problem you may encounter in Brazil as a foreigner is that the English language is not common in Brazil. The second issue ex-pats can face is that getting a working visa is very difficult in Brazil.

Cost of living in Brazil

You should consider the city in which you plan to live when determining the cost of living in Brazil. For example, if you want to live in Rio de Janeiro, you must pay more to fulfill your basic needs. Instead, if you choose suburban areas like Maceio city, you can get accommodation, transport, and other facilities at cheap rates.

After getting some basic level understanding of Brazil country, now it’s time to explore further the cost of living in Brazil.

The accommodation cost

Buying a new house in the country is an expensive option. If you want to move to Brazil, hiring a house for rent is a good idea. As obvious, the rent of accommodation varies across the country. For approximately 3088 US dollars per month, you can rent 900 square feet of furnished housing in the central city areas of Brazil. In common or suburban areas of Brazil, you can easily rent a house of 900 square feet for 2098 dollars per month.

If you are a student in Brazil or a single working individual, you can take the option of a shared room, which costs you around 250 dollars per month. The luxury accommodation option in Brazil can cost you $1500. A private apartment’s monthly rent rate is $700.

Food costs

Like the rental apartments, the food cost varies in different parts of Brazil. However, if you go out to get food items at a grocery store, you notice that the prices of raw food items are lower than the restaurant’s cooked foods. So, eating home-cooked food is cheap in Brazil. Food items are available on a wide scale in supermarkets.

Imported food is costly in the country. The food items that are locally made have very reasonable prices. If you are single and want to live in Brazil, you must pay almost $288 for food. And if your family consists of 4 members, the cost of food should be approximately $569 per family.

If you look at food prices city-wise in Brazil, then the cost of food in Rio de Janeiro is expensive. In Natal and Maceio, the prices of food are low.


You can not imagine living in a single place in this modern world. You have to move around the country to fulfill your need. That’s why knowing about the transportation cost before moving to Brazil is very important.

For transportation in Brazil, most Brazilians use buses because the busses system in Brazil is way stronger than the rail system. The buses that are used for transportation are slower than the subway system. But in Brazil, subway transportation is available in very few cities like Sao Paulo and Maceio. The monthly ticket for the subway in Sao Paulo is the most expensive. If you want a monthly pass for the subway, you have to pay $213 per person; however, in other cities, the monthly passes are cheaper.

If you own a personal vehicle in Brazil, you can buy fuel for $7 per liter for transportation. The cost of transportation insurance is expensive. Similarly, the parking fees for your car is also very costly. If you want to save money on transportation while living in Brazil, you must rely on public transport means in the country.

Healthcare facilities

Brazil has a stable and accessible healthcare system. Everybody can get good treatment from government hospitals. The healthcare system in Brazil is Called the SUS system. Like every other system, you can get many advantages from the SUS health system, but some flaws are also present.

For example, you must wait in long queues to get treatment SUS system. However, if you have health insurance in Brazil, you can get good treatment from specialized doctors.

If you want to buy standard medicine for one day, then you have to spent $3 only. The price of 12 antibiotics tablets is approximately $53. If you want to visit a private doctor for a checkup, this will cost you 250 dollars.

Can we relocate to Brazil?

Yes. If you have the proper visa in place, you can relocate to Brazil from the US. While US residents do not require a permit to visit Brazil for vacation or brief business events, you will need to prepare for a visa in preparation if you want to establish residency in Brazil1.


Brazil’s cost of living is 1.4 times lower than the world’s average living. Brazilian living costs ranked 127th out of 197 countries, and the country was ranked 111th as the best place to live.

The average salary after taxes in Brazil is $408, which is enough to cover living expenses for one month.


  • Is Brazil affordable or expensive?

It depends on where you live, whether you find Brazil inexpensive or expensive. The most expensive areas of Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, and Brasilia.

  • How much does it cost to live in Brazil compared to the United States?

Brazil has a lower cost of living than the United States, by an average of 50.24%. On average, Brazilian rent is 79.26% less than American rent.

  • Brazil is beautiful, but what is it like to live in the country?

Especially its food, Brazilian lifestyles vary greatly based on your region. There is a rich culture in the south, home to three of Brazil’s largest cities and thriving northern states, home to some of the country’s most fascinating histories. You should make sure to visit these locations in person before committing.

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