When it comes to the cosmetic dentist Little Rock Arkansas care you need, you’ll have a wide array of options to choose from. You can opt to have veneers or inlays or onlays, or you can even go for teeth whitening.

Inlays and onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are used to repair teeth that have a small crack, a gap between two teeth, or other imperfections. They are similar to fillings but they are more durable. Unlike fillings, onlays are attached to the tooth surface.

Dental inlays and onlays can be made of porcelain, ceramic, gold, composite resin, or another material. The material you choose depends on your smile goals. Porcelain is a popular choice because it can be color-matched to your natural teeth. It is also more resistant to staining than ceramic.

Inlays and onlays are made in a lab and fitted to your tooth. Your dentist will take an impression of the affected tooth and send it to the lab. An inlay is made to fit the exact shape and size of your cavity.


Veneers are a cosmetic dental solution to improve the look and feel of your smile. They are made from a composite material. Usually, they are about half a millimeter thick and placed over the enamel of a tooth.

Dental veneers can fix a variety of problems including chipped teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, and misaligned teeth. Before you decide whether or not to have dental veneers, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Usually, veneers require three visits to the dentist. The first visit will involve a consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth, take an impression, and discuss the procedure. He or she may also take x-rays or photographs.

The second appointment will be to prepare your teeth for the veneers. During this phase, your dentist will trim your enamel to create a more natural-looking mouth.

Dental crowns

If you have a chipped, cracked or misshapen tooth, it can have a negative impact on your self-confidence. These cosmetic treatments can fix the problem in a short amount of time, and they can also help prevent further damage to your teeth.

One of the most popular types of smile enhancement procedures are dental crowns. They are custom-made to match your existing teeth, so they’ll blend in with your natural smile.

A dental crown can be used to replace a broken or decayed tooth, but they are also a good way to cover up an ugly filling, crack, or other cosmetic flaw. Crowns can even be used to replace missing teeth with a bridge.

Cosmetic veneers are another popular option for improving your smile. They’re small, thin sheets of porcelain that can be placed over the front of your tooth. The material is strong enough to cover moderate chips, but they’re not quite as durable as the traditional crown.

GLO whitening

GLO teeth whitening is a proven and safe way to get your smile looking better than ever. The process uses a combination of heat and light, which combines to produce a brilliant new smile. It’s fast, safe and convenient.

The GLO science is a patented formula that combines heat and light to accelerate a whitening treatment. A specialized brush tip allows for precise application. This allows your teeth to whiten faster than other techniques, while minimizing sensitivity.

The best part is that you can use it anywhere. For those who lead a busy lifestyle, this method is ideal. After you attach the mouthpiece and charge it, you can enjoy the results in less than an hour.

While many whitening methods require a messy tray, the GLO Professional Whitening System uses a special mouthpiece and 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. These ingredients are all-natural and safe for the tooth enamel.

Teeth shaping

Cosmetic dental care for teeth shaping can improve your smile and confidence. This is especially true if your teeth are uneven or have chips. The more you are happy with your appearance, the less you will worry about what people think.

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic dentist Little Rock Arkansas procedure that involves removing a small amount of the enamel from your teeth. It is one of the fastest ways to reshape your teeth.

You might have an unevenly shaped tooth, and it might be due to a genetic problem, an accident, or a break in your teeth. In these cases, a dental professional can reshape the teeth and make them smooth and straight.

Afterward, the dental professional will apply a conditioning liquid to the affected teeth. They will also use a drill-like tool to smooth out the teeth.

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