Celtic hairstyles for females are popular because they look great with long hair. The best part about Celtic hairstyles is that they will never go out of style, and the newest trends only make them more versatile. They are also suitable for any face shape and hair type.

10 best Celtic hairstyles

1. Three Strand Twist

This is a simple style that only requires three strands of hair. Begin by parting your hair down the middle, then twist each side around the other until they meet in the back. You can secure it with a bobby pin or elastic band.

2. Second style is the “Lovin’ Knot”

Start by gathering your hair in a bunch on top of your head, ensuring it is in an even ponytail. Then take the strands beside your face and pull them back into an elastic band. Finally, take the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to create a knot.

3. Neat and Tidy

Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base, tucking in the ends. Secure with bobby pins. You can then spritz with hairspray for hold.

4. Soft Pigtails

This style is perfect for a fun weekend look or a dance recital. First, part your hair down the center and tie both sections into ponytails about two inches away from the scalp. If your hair looks pretty, then you will feel more confident. Then, take the two sections and twist them around each other evenly. Finally, secure with bobby pins and spritz with hairs. The Celtic hairstyle is ready.

5. Old Celtic hairstyle

This hairstyle is easy to recognize as a Celtic hairstyle. Because of the ancient Celtic tribes, women adopt this hairstyle. Strands of a braid create this style. In this style, many braids are made with different hair parts, and all the braids will meet at the center of the hair. When we made this style, it looked like veins of a tree leaf. This style is mainly adopted by warriors and brave women from ancient Celtic tribes. With metal beads, this style could be much better.

6. Artistic Celtic braids hairstyle

In modern lifestyles, simple Celtic braids are not much appreciated because old hairstyles did not give females a unique and outstanding look. This is why women find ways to make the ancient Celtic hairstyle more prominent with some artistic touch. In this style, old Celtic braids are used but with a bit of difference, making big and small Celtic braids. In this way, the Celtic hairstyle got a fantastic modern look. By using an Artistic Celtic braid hairstyle, women can make traditional hairstyles in the current age.

7. Celtic wedding style

It is the right of every girl to look nice and beautiful on one of the most important days of her life. Celtic brides have the same wish, which is justifiable. Celtic brides wanted to show their looks which is close to nature. You see soft colors, flowers, and leaves more often in Celtic weddings.

Celtic women have many other advantages to look attractive by so many things with natural looks. In these things, the white color of Celtic women gives them an elegant and soft look. Celtic wedding hairstyle has a crown on their heads made from braids. At a glance, you could not detect that if it is a Celtic hairstyle, this style gives an exquisite look to Celtic women and is suitable for brides. With a Celtic wedding hairstyle, the bride can make a crown by rolling braids around the head, or the bride can lose her hair braid on her one-shoulder, no matter what, the Celtic bride will look attractive pretty with this hairstyle.

8. Knot with hair

If you want your hairstyle to be more classical and modern, you have to choose this hairstyle. The Celtic knot could be made side and backside of the heads. These knots are made professionally and skillfully with braids that look infinite signs. After making these knots, some curls are added at the bottom of the hairs. This style makes Celtic women so beautiful and graceful that they look like a queen coming out from a fairy tale. You can add more things to this style to suit your appearance and look.

9. Inspired by Celtic hairstyle

There is an endless supply of creativity in making new beauty, and Celtic hair is an ideal source for this. Wouldn’t it be better to combine your favorite styles to have a new Celtic hairstyle that is more attractive and charming instead of having old and unfashionable hairstyles?

10. Celtic Wreaths with flowers

The traditional Irish bride wore a wreath of wildflowers instead of an elaborate veil. A bride’s fidelity to her new husband is symbolized by lavender and herbs. Right now, flower wreaths are more popular than veils. Either choose a statement wreath with large blooms like roses and daisies accented with greenery, or choose a fine wreath with sweet little wildflowers. Consider placing a few of your favorite flowers in your hair if you don’t want a full crown.

Consider getting a wreath made from silk flowers to ensure that your flowers stay fresh and that no petals are knocked off on your wedding day. Allergy-suffering brides often opt for this option.

What do you think about having a bow, a flower, and braided strands with hair all on your head? What a great idea! There are many ways to make your Celtic hairstyles more impressive, so let’s try them out.


  • How do Irish hairstyles look like?

Bridal hair was traditionally braided with ribbons and lace woven through the braids. This ancient Irish tradition symbolizes power and luck. Your hairstylist can incorporate a hairpiece to weave through your hair if your hair is too short.

  • Is Celtic hair adorned with feathers?

Most of the jewelry was torcs. Torcs were metal or even gold collars. In both clothing and hair, the less well-off often used feathers. The ancient Celtic accounts don’t mention hats often, but cloth headbands and gold headbands are more often used.

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