After waiting approximately one year, Netflix confirmed the release date of Baki season 4. This season is most-awaited and anticipated by the audience. Finally, the wait is over for these anime fans as Netflix announced the release date of Baki season 4. Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming platforms, which brings a lot of shows every week for its customers. The shows provided by Netflix are fantastic, and the content of these programs is impressive.

In August 2021, Netflix announced the release date of the Anime manga series “Baki Hanma Season 4” on its site. Netflix also releases the teaser on its site for the audience. This article will discuss “Baki Hanma Season 4” which has the release date, plot, characters, and exciting information about the Anime Manga.

Baki Hanma

Baki is one of the favorites and most demanded anime series on the most extensive online streaming platform Netflix. The reason for his fame is this anime’s nature, which is full of action and thrill. This anime series has a fabulous story that captivates the audience from beginning to end. In this Baki season 4, protagonist “Baki Hanma” will face his most challenging fight to prove himself as the ultimate champion.

In the previous seasons of Baki Anime Manga, we have seen that he lost his one arm because of Kageyama. In Baki Season 3, it was shown that he got his left arm back after two years of training with Yujiro and human evolution research center, but obviously, it’s not going to be enough for him to beat Kōga. After winning against Kurokawa and another fighter during the underground tournament in New york city. He finally decided to go back to Japan and face Kōga.

In Baki Season 4, he will be fighting against Kōga and his other disciples. Grappler’s Base had announced that the air date for the fourth season of Baki was August 31, 2021. The series synopsis for the upcoming fourth season is as follows:

“Baki Hanma trains in earnest with his father, Gōjū Ryū, to become strong enough to take down his toughest opponent yet: His father. Five of the world’s most violent and brutal death row inmates are gathering in Japan to face Baki in a no-holds-barred showdown to see who will be the next king of the underground world of violent combat.”


The most anticipated anime series, “Baki,” is back with an exciting storyline. The protagonist of this story, “Baki Hanma,” has a mysterious past and lots of confidential information about his life that we will get to know in the upcoming season. We have seen that Baki is half American and half Japanese in previous seasons, but there is a greater truth behind it. According to recent updates, Baki Hanma is not even human; its because he was born from a supernatural creature called Matarōgasa.

He got this power from Matarōgasa, which allowed him to survive any kind of injury or wound. He is also able to regenerate his lost limbs and organs. This power made him almost immortal, which is why he is so powerful. In season 4, we saw Baki fighting against the five deadliest inmates on death row. These inmates are extremely brutal and violent, making the fight more interesting.

Characters in Baki Season 4

Many new characters was introduced in the upcoming Baki Season 4. Some of these characters are as follow:

1. Kōga:

He is one of the disciples of Gōjū Ryū, and he is a potent fighter. He has a lot of mystery behind himself which was revealed in the season 4 of Baki Hanma Anime.

2. Shōyō Hinomaru:

He is the champion wrestler who was seen fighting against Baki in new season 4. It’s known that he defeated one of the toughest wrestlers during America’s cup tournament.

3. Yūjirō Takahashi:

He is the most experienced fighter and trainer who trained Baki for underground wrestling, where he faced his deadliest opponents. There are chances that he might train Baki for an upcoming fight, but only if bak survives his fight with Kouga.

4. Kumi Emura:

She is another disciple of Gōjū Ryū and daughter of Hōōin Inchiki. She is a potent and skilled fighter.

5. Kaoru Hanayama:

He is the head of the Hanayama Group and an extremely ruthless person. He has a dark past which will be revealed in the upcoming season.

6. Matarōgasa:

He is the supernatural creature who gave birth to Baki Hanma and gifted him with immortal power.

7. Reina Izumi:

She is the new character introduced in the Baki Season 4. She is the daughter of Yūichirō Izumi and Fujiko Izumi. According to rumors, she has a lot of mystery behind her and will play an essential role in the storyline.

Baki Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for Baki Season 4 is out now, showing us some of the important characters who will be seen in the season 4. The trailer also tells us that new characters like Kumi Emura and Reina Izumi will play an essential role in the storyline. It looks like Baki has become more vital than ever before because of his superhuman powers.

The official trailer of Baki Hamna Season 4 was scheduled to release on September 30th, 2021 on Netflix, it was originally released in the Japanese language with English subtitles and dubbings in English language. The second trailer was released on 2nd September. The trailer shows the real hero of this anime, Baki, fighting with different opponents.  The trailer also includes many other characters of this season and is an example of great choreography and visual effects work. So far, after its release, it has around 1.1M views both on the TMC official and Netflix Anime Youtube channels. The trailer also reflected a strong storyline and continuation of the lagacy of this Anime season.

Baki Season 4 release date

The first episode of Baki Season 4 was released on September 31, 2021. The anime series is based on the manga series “Baki Hanma” written by Keisuke Itagaki, with 25+ volumes available.


  • Is the 40-year-old Baki still strong?

Yes, he’s been training to fight monsters, and yes, he has monstrous strength. But no, his strength isn’t what it used to be in Bokoudan days.

  • What is the meaning of Baki Season Four name?

It means there are four seasons or parts of the story for manga Baki Maximum. Also, it shows that this could be last season as the final chapter title is “Season 4”. Maybe it’ll change into another season as the author wants to tell bakiverse with more unique stories after all those years. And also, this new season will answer many unanswered questions from previous seasons, such as the origin of Hundred Beast Hideout

  • When does the Baki Season 4 air?

Officially, it’ll be on Netflix on December 18. However, some people have been reporting that they’ve been able to watch it early. So far, no one has been able to find a leak or anything.

  • What will happen in Baki Season 4?

The season is set to cover the fight between Baki and Doppo Orochi. It will also cover Yujiro Hanma’s backstory and how he became powerful. Finally, it will also cover the origins of the Hundred Beast Hideout.

  • What will happen in Baki Season 4?

The season is set to cover the fight between Baki and Doppo Orochi. It will also cover Yujiro Hanma’s backstory and how he became powerful. Finally, it will also cover the origins of the Hundred Beast Hideout.

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