Webinars can be very effective to attract a lot of audiences, it’s a great marketing tool for all kinds of industries and a lot of event platforms are promoting live webinar services for events. Hosting a webinar has various advantages for instance it can help you connect with a wider audience, you will be able to engage with your audience, you can answer their queries, etc. 

You can find different webinar platforms for your event, and these online webinar platforms can easily assist you to manage your event. If you are hosting a webinar you will need to promote it and here are some tips to promote your webinar. 

Tips To Promote Your Webinar

1. Use a Microsite

Online webinar service providers have an option of a microsite builder and you should always go for webinar services that have this option. A microsite is a great feature to promote your webinar. These microsites can help you with branding the event. You can create a customized microsite as it will have brand awareness and not just for webinar promotion. 

A microsite can be created easily you can add all necessary data on that, for instance, you are hosting a webinar for a live music session so you can mention the name of a singer or a brand, and the date they are performing on, you can also add a call to action in the microsite, in case of live music session you can call to action like buy ticket or register for the event, etc. You can share the link to your microsite for events

2. Promote your Webinar Sending Emails

Never underestimate the power of a good Email marketing strategy. Email is a very versatile tool and can help in promoting and marketing your event.  You can use Email to send invites for your webinar. With Email, you promote your event on a more personalized level. You have the data of your audience and so use it wisely to target your audience for the webinar session. 

Email promotes registration for webinar sessions easily. You should plan quality content for the Email.  Use engaging and quick email subjects. Adding a call to action in the mail can increase the number of registrations. Do share all the necessary details in the Email. 

3. Write A Blog 

Another great way of promoting your webinar is through a blog. A well-written blog can engage a lot of users, so to promote your webinar you can create a blog with high-quality content around your webinar topic. You can also write a dedicated blog just for the promotion of your webinar session. Add all the details in the blog just like you do with landing pages and microsites. Mention the reasons why your audience should attend your webinars, let them know how you are different from others and how your webinar can help them. 

4. Promote your Webinar Using Social Media 

The best Webinar platform usually offers social media integration options. And social media is a great platform for promotions. Certain platforms allow you to share all the updates on social media directly through the platform. You can also record your webinar and share it on social media platforms and you can also personally mail it to all your event attendees after the webinar sessions. But social media is a platform that can promote your event to a great extent, you can reach most of your target audience through social media and most importantly most of the Social Media Streaming Platforms features that you will be using for promoting your webinars are free. 

5. Create Promotional Videos

Create high-quality videos for promoting your event. Explain the reason why people should be attending your webinar, and what makes you stand out from others. You promote your webinar more effectively and you can receive more engagement with video than it will with plain text, whether you’re promoting your webinar on your website, in your email newsletter, on social media, or on other platforms.

Video content is crucial and plays a major role in the promotion of webinar sessions. 

6. Paid Ads

If you want to promote your webinar on a huge scale you can go for paid ads. Paid ads are an effective way of promoting your webinar. You can use google ads, facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, etc . According to your event and audience requirement you can decide which platform you have to use for promoting your webinar through paid ads. 

The Bottom Line

Promoting and marketing a webinar is vital for the success of the website. You can use different promotional strategies for the webinars. But social media promotions or microsites are something that can work for all kinds of events and that is effective too. If you use these tips for promoting webinars you will be able to host a successful webinar. While planning and promoting your webinar keep your audience in mind.

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