Google Ads offers an excellent way to market your business. Consumers have changed tact and are using Google to find products and services online. It means advertising your business is the best way for your customers to see you. However, most businesses are using these ads, and the more they advertise, the more expensive it gets. Therefore, you need strategies to help you enjoy this service without spending a fortune. Here are six simple Google Ads tips that will save you money. 

1. Narrow Down on Location

Location targeting is a great way to save money since it allows you to focus on customers within your location. Take advantage of the customisable location targeting options to include areas within your location. Advertising to people you can’t serve is a waste of resources. The best way is to use cities and neighbourhoods instead of zip codes and select only “those in my area” in advanced settings. 

2. Use High Intent keywords

Keywords are vital in helping you appear in searches but, most notably, in generating actual sales. When it comes to Google Ads, your keywords should be as specific as possible since your primary target is to get clicks. Although they have a lower search volume, they help you focus on things you sell, driving sales. Therefore, invest in AdWords PPC management to improve conversions and make sales.

3. Make use of Ad Extensions

When setting up your ads, ensure you use most, if not all, of the ad extensions available. They help your ad stand out, especially when competing against popular brands. Some of the extensions you should include are images, snippets, site links, locations, affiliates, prices, and lead forms. Including many extensions helps attract the user’s attention, thus beating your competitors. You can also work with a Google display advertising agency to help you customise your ads on a minimal budget.

4. Optimise your Landing Pages 

Your landing pages must be high quality if you want a lower cost per click. Consult experts to help you create high-quality landing pages to increase your conversion rate. Some things you shouldn’t miss on a landing page include:

  • A clear and persuasive call to action.
  • A product or service description to convince the users.
  • Enhance the user experience on desktop and mobile by ensuring it loads fast.

5. Use Phrases and Match Keywords

Ensure your keywords and phrases match the user queries. Therefore, ensure you focus on phrases and exact-match keywords when running your ads. Although Google encourages broad matches, specific matches produce high-quality matched queries. You can also use negative keywords to ensure your ads don’t appear in searches bearing them.

6. Test and Customise

You need to optimise what works to ensure you save on what doesn’t work. Use statistics and reports to identify what engages your users. When and why do they click the ads more? Do the clicks generate sales? Answering these questions ensures you know what works or doesn’t, so you can stop spending on it.

Generating a positive return on investment with Google A.3ds requires strategies. These six tips are your ticket to reaping from Google Ads. Ensure you optimise landing pages, narrow your target location, use most or all extensions, and test and customise. Finally, ensure you use specific keywords and match phrases.

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