Countless government entities today are turning their focus to green technology. Government officials wish to do their part when it comes to reducing global emissions. One way many entities are achieving this goal is by investing in solar-powered cameras used for automatic license plate recognition. However, these entities are also using other innovative methods to reduce their impact on the environment.

Solar-Powered Cameras

These devices use the power of the sun to operate and no infrastructure is needed for their installation. This protects green spaces and leaves the existing environment intact. As the cameras can be relocated when needed, these entities save money. The funds can be used for other items that help protect the community.

Plastic Roads

Plastic roads are another way governments can protect communities using sustainable methods. A person might question the usefulness of plastic roads, but they have been installed with great success in India. These roads are made of used plastics alone or combined with other materials and are capable of supporting vehicle traffic.

This technology has been so successful in India that other countries are following suit and installing their own plastic roads. In fact, research shows these roads perform as well as or better than conventional asphalt roads. They hold up with regular use and tolerate changing environmental conditions with ease. What better way to recycle plastic than to reuse it for public transportation? This type of road surface offers the best of both worlds.

Lighting on Demand

Another way governments can use less energy and protect the environment is to install lighting on demand. Grocery stores already use this technology with great success, as they install these lights in refrigerators. The lights only come on when a person walks by or opens the door, reducing the amount of energy used. Retailers are finding this helps to keep energy bills under control while ensuring customers have ample light when they need it.

A government may use this technology when installing street lights, for example. The lights would only activate when certain conditions are met. Although this is somewhere trickier, as the lighting system would need to account for the wind, animal movement, and things of that nature, it could still be used with great success if programmed correctly.

HVAC Systems

The same type of technology may be used to control HVAC systems. When a sensor in a particular area of the building doesn’t detect the presence of humans for an extended period, the temperature in this area can be adjusted accordingly. This same system will be used to monitor the humidity in the area and ensure it remains at a comfortable temperature.

Using solar-powered cameras to read and capture license plates is the only one-way governments today are using technology to protect the planet. As these examples show, there are several other ways a government can achieve this goal. Furthermore, as technology is advancing at a rapid rate, new methods are being developed every day. It will be exciting to see what the future holds.

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