We all want to protect the paintwork of our car. To maintain our car’s paint, polish, and finish- a nice car cover is required. But assuming that the car cover is the only need and it would be enough to cater to the need when comes to the protection of the car, is wrong! You can have your car cover on, but its color can still fade away as there’s nothing that provides complete protection. Hence busting out car cover myths is important.

But your car’s pristine paintwork needs to be protected at all costs so keeping in mind a few things while purchasing a car cover can help you have a better one. Remember the car cover that comes with your car has its own layer of protection that ensures double protection of your vehicle if you use it. And a double layer of protection is always better than a single one.

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Car covers are the only form of protection

If you feel like there is only one option to protect your car and that is the car cover, then this is not a thing. If you want car protection from sun, weather and snow then there are other choices available in the market as well than solely car covers. You can protect your car’s paint and body using a car shelter as well, which is extremely portable and overcome many shortcomings of car covers. In fact, they provide way more protection than car covers, they are made from galvanized steel frames and highly durable fabric that protect your car from all weather conditions be they moderate or extreme.

It provides complete windproof protection used with heavy earth anchors. Permanent and lasting protection is provided by car shelters, however, a car cover gets worn out after some time, also they do not provide complete protection in comparison to the car shelters. To conclude one doesn’t need to be highly dependent on car covers for vehicle protection as there is another option available in the market too that also best serves the purpose.

Car covers can protect cars from hailstones

The way of protecting your car should change with the weather as in different weather conditions, different kind of protection is needed. People are usually worried that their car will be damaged by hailstones if left outside without a car cover, however, the truth of car covers is not up to the mark. Car covers lying over the surface of a car provide little protection. The best kind of protection from hailstone can be provided by special car jackets only. Car jackets that contain electric fans that inflate the cover inside your car, as soon as the car is completely zipped. These special jackets are a kind of air cushion that protected the body of your car from hailstones.

Car covers can protect your car from getting scratches

Well, people are really worried about their car getting scratched, as scratches make the car appear dull. People generally use car covers to protect their cars from unwanted scratches, however, little did they know, that car covers cause little scratches too. Your car will get scratches from a car cover through the dirt and debris on the car body picked by the car cover. So try, to be careful while dealing with car covers.

Covers have a high tendency to lock the dust and dirt on the car body within themselves, due to this reason, they appear a lot fresh and good when bought new, but become dull over time. And that is how they can scratch the clear film of paint and coatings and even plastics on your car as you are sliding them up and down. Being careful is important!

Car covers protect the vehicle completely from UV rays

Car users are usually worried about the things that UV rays coming from the sun will affect their car’s paint and would dull out their finish. So to protect the car in the same they use car covers, however, car covers do not provide complete protection from radiation, and some of them let it seek inside. But there are plenty options of car covers in the market that block the radiation. The right info about the same is required. However, the coating made on car paint is plenty enough to provide protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

The life span of car covers

Car covers provide ample amount of benefits to the car no doubt, but no car cover provides 100% protection be it a waterproof one or the ordinary one. Keeping a car covered for a long time causes more damage than good. Also, the car covers dull and locks dust and dirt within themselves quickly, making them degrade quickly.

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