It is ideal to wear Aso Ebi clothing if you are attending a wedding this weekend or attending the birthday ceremony of a loved one. Aso Ebi is the original “Yoruba “language word. The meaning of Aso is “cloth,” and the Ebi means “family.” So, “Aso Ebi” style means such clothes which can be worn at weddings, funerals, or other family functions.

Aso Ebi style is differently spelled in Nigeria and Sierra Leone, which are two countries in Africa. Nigeria writes it as “AsoEbi,” and Sierra Leone spells “Ashobie.” Traditionally, the Aso Ebi style is connected with the residents of Yorubas and some other tribal cultures and is worn as uniform dressing to represent interconnectivity between family members. But nowadays, the Aso Ebi style is free from this condition; because of the internet, many people get information about this style. And today, with some progressive changes, the Aso Ebi style looks more stunning and appealing. And Aso Ebi styles are widely accepted by different nations all over the world.

Where is the origin of Aso Ebi?

Aso-Ebi is a distinctive cloth that friends and relatives wear during important occasions to represent support & unity. In terms of culture, it came from the “Yorubas” in the western region of Nigeria.

On which type of occasion the Aso Ebi style could be worn?

You can wear the Aso Ebi style on multiple occasions, like going to church, attending engagement ceremonies, etc. There are multiple options available in the Aso Ebi style. You can choose the best one for you by knowing more about them. Because Aso Ebi styles are traditional dresses, whoever wears this style at any special occasion gets special treatment and respect. If you want to wear the Aso Ebi style formally, you can do it too because many Aso Ebi styles are made for formal usage. You can also wear Aso Ebi dress at school, college, or university parties.

Top 10 Aso Ebi styles that you must try

This section will describe the top trending Aso Ebi styles. Knowing about the different styles gives you a better idea about choosing the best fit design for you.

1.      Tube pencil gown (Aso Ebi Style)

Tube pencil gown is a fabulous style at glamorous functions and events. Short skirts and traditional African gowns inspire this style. The top side of this style is shoulderless, and no sleeves are present in this style. Most of the part of this style is made with net clothing. In the accessories of this style, round earing and a metal bracelet are the best matches.

2.      Aso Ebi style with raglan and cap sleeves

If you want an exotic and fun look (which is often a requirement of parties), you must try raglan and cap sleeve Aso Ebi style. Raglan sleeves are used for making this style, and a well-designed cap makes this style more fascinating. Wear neckless, earrings, and bracelets with this style to look more gorgeous for fancy events and parties.

3.      Bridal dressing with V neck, net sleeves, and sleek gown

Bridal dressing with V neck, net sleeves, and sleek gowns, a universal Aso Ebi style, which can be worn on almost every function. The glamorous fitting of this style adds more beauty. The main feature of this type of Aso Ebi style is that it is very comfortable and elegant. The “V” neck of this dressing style adds more attractiveness. A ring with a matching neckless can be used as an accessory for this style, which adds more elegance in this style.

4.      Ankle-length tube gown with a slit in the front

Here is an example of the most current and exciting Aso Ebi style, which is fascinating. If you want a less dramatic look, this can be designed with short strapless sleeves instead of long ones.

  • The elegant tub dress features a star cape

If you appreciate bold and elegant design, this is worth looking at again and is undoubtedly worth replicating. It works well for all kinds of shapes, and there are still several ways that it could be customized according to your liking.

6.      Strapless Double Sleeve With Slit

It is essential to feel comfortable when choosing a design; this style is an example of a unique and comfortable design. If you want to try this style, then it is recommended to wear this dress in white. The neck and shoulder of this dress are very nice.

7.      Dress with off-shoulder bell sleeves in emerald

Ankara is another option you can choose to wear to a wedding besides lace fabrics. Here is an example of an Ankara gown in an elegant style that can be replicated for an elaborate wedding.

8.      Gown with a sleek straight design

In Aso Ebi styles, the dresses are intended for weddings, so they must be glamorous, which is precisely what this style is about. Though the design is quite simple, the embroidered details make it appear more elegant. Further enhancing its uniqueness is the fringe.

9.      Nikkah Aso Ebi Style

Nikkah weddings are usually associated with conservative styling, and now you can experiment with an engaging Aso Ebi style. It is also great without a headcover, as it allows you to dance comfortably.

10.  Short-sleeved off-shoulder dress with fringed design

Aso Ebi’s secret is that you can look good even with the simplest styles and designs. Fringe also looks beautiful and can be worn with many Aso Ebi materials. A perfect example of this style is a short-sleeved shoulder dress with a fringed design, and you would certainly want to include it in your wedding outfit.


  • What is the bridal train?

The bridal train comprises the chief bridesmaid, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, little groom, bride, page boy, and balloon girls. The bride and groom may have more than one chief bridesmaid or best man. The bridal train is more popular in African culture.

  • During a funeral in Nigeria, what do you wear?

It is not appropriate to wear casual clothing at a Nigerian funeral. Black or red are more appropriate colors for a celebration instead of white. As a sign of respect for the grieving family, women should always wear a scarf to cover their hair. Often, members of the same family wear the same clothing or Aso Ebi styles.

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