Being a parent, especially a new parent, may be difficult and daunting, especially when your little one is ready to start school. With so many options and new good schools opening every other day, competition is fierce. Furthermore, the entire application and subsequent acceptance process can be rather overwhelming. As a result, here’s a guide to Primary school admission in India to help you arrange your young hero’s entrance into the educational world.

Everything you need to know is right here, including eligibility requirements, the basic procedure of primary school admissions, and the range of school prices.

1.When to start looking for primary schools?

In India, the latter three months of the year, that is, October, November, and December, are typically the months when you may begin looking for and shortlisting schools for your child. With a few exceptions, the academic year generally begins in either January or April. 

So, depending on the pre-school that you select for your child, you should obtain information about the admission procedure.

2.What are the right questions to ask?

This is a huge dilemma for every parent when it comes to primary school in Bangalore. With so many choices, you would naturally want to make sure that your child is getting the right environment for their growth and development. 

Hence, asking the right questions is very important. After all, your little one will be spending half of their day in there and this will shape their upcoming years of growth.

3.Relationship with the teacher

Examine the interaction between a teacher and a pupil when you visit the school for admission. As a parent, you want to know that your child is in excellent hands or that they will be cared for if they are homesick, fall down, or simply cannot find their way back to class from the restroom.

4.Know the principal

It is critical to be acquainted with the school’s headmaster or principal. The leadership of an institution is critical in knowing the route for other members of the school or staff.

5.Can numbers lie?

When we speak numbers, we’re referring to statistics like exam scores or school fees in Bangalore. Of course, educational tuition must be considered from a budgetary aspect. Exam scores for primary school entrance, on the other hand, may not be an appropriate measure to use when rating or shortlisting a school. 

Other criteria such as co-curricular activities, values, proper teacher training, activities provided for a child’s growth, and so on should be considered while evaluating a primary school.

Last but not least, ensure that you review their programme. After all, your child’s education is at stake. This is where Global Indian International School shines. 

Their curriculum is meant to provide a fun experience for their primary years while still providing a solid education for their early years. Wouldn’t you like to see it?

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