If you have been residing in Singapore for a few years now, then you might be aware that the cost of living in this city isn’t cheap. Similarly, acquiring an education in Singapore comes with a significant price tag. 

One might think that kindergarten fees in Singapore may not be as high as enrolling a kid in a high school or college, but your choice of preschool will definitely reflect the cost. Also, your need for additional enrichment classes can add to the expense. 

In this article, we will provide an overview of different types of preschools and their cost details, thereby helping you plan your kid’s kindergarten education easily.

Different kinds of Singapore International Kindergarten schools

1- Government-operated kindergarten fees in Singapore

In Singapore, you can come across several early childhood programmes. Each of these programmes has a ranging fee structure. Compared to the other programmes, government-operated programmes are quite affordable, thanks to the subsidy offered. These institutions are also known as MOE or Ministry of Education kindergartens. 

A four-hour, half-day programme offered by MOE costs S$160 per month per child for Singaporean citizens. A permanent resident might require paying S$320. 

For a full-day programme that operates from 7 am to 7 pm, the cost can range between S$320.

2- ECDA Anchor Operator Kindergartens

The early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) also regulates early childhood programmes. These are Anchor Operators (AOPs) – a government scheme – that offers support to kindergarten operators and childcare. Their fees are affordable, thereby boosting access to quality early childhood education and care for families with lower incomes. 

ECDAs receive government grants that help in offsetting staff wages. This results in the maximum fees being capped at S$160. As a young parent, if you are just getting started with your career, you can opt for financial assistance provided by the government Kindergarten Care (Kcare Subsidy), Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) and the start-up grant. 

3- Private and international school Singapore 

The next on the list is, of course, a private and international school Singapore. These institutions follow the external curriculum and even develop their own programme separate from the government’s approach to education. This is why international preschools have holistic educational systems and methods. 

Some international schools even accept students under the age of 4.

Remember, international schools do not operate on government subsidies, which results in their higher kindergarten fees in Singapore.

Before you decide to enrol your kid in an international school Singapore, try checking whether or not their kindergarten programmes are accredited by the government. 

The monthly fees of an international preschool may vary from S$800+ to S$5,000+ (without GST). 

Overview of the average kindergarten fees

1- MOE Kindergartens – S$375.00 (childcare) (average full-day cost); S$150.00 (average half-day cost); annual cost can lead up to S$4,500.00.

2- International Kindergartens – S$9,600+ to $60,000 (average full-day cost); S$9,600+ to $60,000 (average half-day cost) ; annual cost can lead up to S$9,600+ to $60,000.

3- ECDA Anchor Operator Kindergartens – S$720.00 (childcare) (average full-day cost); S$160.00 (average half-day cost); the annual cost can lead up to S$8,640.00. 

To conclude

Keep in mind that the cost listed above doesn’t include the cost of transit or transportation. Similarly, it does not include other costs like registration fees, material and uniform fees. While you are out and about determining the kindergarten fees in Singapore, try comprehending everything beforehand to save any trouble down the line.

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