Different homeowners have different ways of turning what would have been rather called just a property by someone into a house. And since every homeowner has his own definition of decoration and no one wishes to follow an interior design lexicon, everyone has his own approach when it comes to decorating a house. 

Right from the sofa sets in the living room and the headboard of the bedroom to the lighting in the kitchen to the wall paints in the kid’s room, according to a homeowner, every element of the house should be perfect and should be in harmony with each other to offer a holistic and soul satiating feeling whoever enters the house, be it guests, relatives or family members. 

But just because you are on a shopping spree to ameliorate the ambiance of your house doesn’t mean it needs to cost you an arm and a leg. Just like everything else, a home decor shopping spree should always have rein of a budget otherwise the horse of your temptation can take you anywhere and you might end up making things extravagant. 

In this blog post, we will look at how you can come up with the right home decor budget. 

Come up with a wishlist 

Instead of just randomly buying home decor items with the only motive of filling your cart, you should come up with a wishlist before even beginning your home decor journey. To begin on the right foot, you can let your imagination run wild and think about everything you wish to have in every part of your house, regardless of whether it will be affordable or not. 

Imagining the things you wish to have in your house won’t cost you and therefore, there is no need to set boundaries for it. Are you in love with lovely wallpaper? Do you wish to add a pair of side tables that you have had in your mind for a long? Let these wishes and imagination make space into your wishlist and write all of them down on paper. 

Craft a practical home decor budget

After living in your fantasize and coming up with a list of everything you wish to have in your house, it is high time for you to calculate how much everything on that list is going to cost. You might be left dazzled once you start calculating the individual prices and document the number down. 

Many things might shift to the want list because of their extravagant nature and you might feel like you don’t even need those home decor items and then there will be those items that will make their way from the want list to the list of needs. Remember, there is a broad price range when it comes to home decor items and you shouldn’t step back from exploring those options. 

Prioritize labor and all other purchases

Along with the home decor item or the home furnishing item, you should also add the cost of labor and other materials. For example, if you are planning to paint the walls then you will need more than just a few buckets of paint. Apart from the painter’s fee, you will have to consider how many gallons the walls will soak and what will be the total price of rollers, trays, drop clothes, and brushes. 

In some cases, it is the labor charge that can end up burning a hole in your pocket, and therefore, it is always a good idea to take a look at which tasks you can take on yourself and which require professional hands. 

Always keep a buffer expense

If you are working on your home decor then always be ready to deal with extra expenses that were not a part of your plan. To deal with these expenses, you should always have a buffer budget ready otherwise, it will add up to your financial burden and your entire budget will be disrupted. 

It is always an ideal approach to keep 10-15% as a buffer of the actual budget to make up for anything unexpected. 

Focus on quality instead of quantity 

When ameliorating home interior design, it is always a better idea to always focus on quality rather than quality. This will not only allow you to put only valuable items in your house rather than turn it into an antique or furniture shop but it will even allow you to do justice with your budget. 

Instead of filling the empty shelves in your living room with many cheap antique items, try investing in a single flower pot that looks unique, and genuine and blends with the ambiance of your living room. 

Having a budget for your home decor can help you in choosing the right item for your house without going extravagant. So, use the above-mentioned tips and craft an ideal budget for your  home interior design shopping. 

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