Mathematics is a fascinating subject. All those numbers, algebra, and calculations can be extremely challenging and enjoyable for secondary school students to solve. Maths is a favourite subject for many students because it is interesting and enjoyable to do. However, it can be difficult and intimidating at times! Not only that, but some students appear to be practising how to get good grades in maths! Mathematics is said to boost your overall score if practised well. Here are eight tips and tricks to help students of Balewadi school ace their next maths exam with a high score.

1. First, Clear Your Mind

“Clear your doubts first,” is one of the most important pieces of advice for maths students in secondary schools! When you become accustomed to answering a question using the incorrect method, it becomes difficult to unlearn the previous method and learn the new one. 

And, because maths requires continuous practice, it is recommended that you clear your doubts with your teacher, guide, or mentor right away. This will keep your practice at the appropriate pace and space.

2. Separately Note Down All Mathematical Formulas and Concepts

Maths is enjoyable because of its methodologies, its application, and the interaction of constants and variables. It is also claimed that understanding the correct formula for a question makes the question simpler to answer and improves the chances of correctly answering it. 

As a result, it is critical that you carefully study the formulas. Not just formulas, but also their derogations, shortcuts, tricks, and so on! You can accomplish this by creating cue cards, flashcards, graphs, and other easy-to-read forms of help substance.

3. Seek Advice from Educators and Seniors

If you believe that practising for the day and memorising all formulae will solve your “How to get good marks in maths” problem, you are mistaken! To do well in maths, you need a good teacher and a hard (and smart) working student. 

You must ensure that you receive an education from the best secondary school in Pune to receive appropriate guidance from experienced faculty. This will help you improve your concept game while also keeping your comfort level balanced.

4. Make Good Use of Your Time

It takes a long time to prepare for a maths exam. Because the syllabus includes topics ranging from basic to advanced and complicated, which can take days and days of practice to master, time can be a limiting factor for a maths exam. 

Make a list of topics that require extensive practice to ensure that you invest your time wisely during maths exam practice. Choose these topics first. Completing these would boost your confidence.

5. Allow Time for Syllabus Revision

The benefits of revising the syllabus are numerous. It can help you review topics, formulas, methods, and much more! Having a timely revision before an exam also helps to keep your stress at bay.

It also aids in the maintenance of mental peace and calm. So, whatever you do, never forget to go over your syllabus before the exam. This could be your secret formula for getting full marks in maths.

6. Carefully read the questions

Students may get the mathematics question wrong because they misread it or become confused! This can be upsetting and discouraging for students. To avoid falling into this trap, read the questions carefully and, if necessary, multiple times! If you are perplexed about what you need to calculate or deduce, read it several times, and figure it out before moving on to the solution.

7. Begin with the Simpler Questions

Do not consider mastering complex questions first. This would only demotivate you and undermine your confidence. Begin with simple questions and increase the level of difficulty of the questions step by step. 

This would keep you motivated, clear on the concept, and on track with your practice. If you are having trouble determining the level of difficulty of the question, seek assistance from teachers or guides.

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