Fortnite Fennix is a gorgeous skin of Fortnite, but with all its beauty and unique features, it is also a rare skin of the game. This incredible skin comes from the Fur Force set. This exceptional Fortnite skin was available for the first time in the Fortnite item store on the twenty-sixth of August 2019. Fennix skin did not last long in the item store as skin disappeared or is unavailable just after some time of its appearance.

How to purchase Fortnite fornix?

When Fennix skin appears in the item store, then you can buy thin skin from the store by spending only some V-Bucks. Although Fennix skin is not available in the store currently, it will come back in the store after approximately forty-eight days. Fennix skin disappeared from the store quite a few days ago, and it is likely to appear again soon in the store.

What are the cosmetic details about Fortnite Fennix skin?

The release year of Fortnite Fennix skin was 2019, and the last time Fennix skin was seen (in the item store) was on the twenty-seventh of February 2022. Fennix skin had not been seen in the store for almost three months.

Fennix skin falls in the “Rare” category of the game. The price that Fortnite fix for this skin is only twelve hundred V-Bucks. You can avail of Fennix Fortnite skin only through the “official Item store.” You can easily find Fennix skin in the item store by its ID, “CID_504)Athena_Commando_M_Lopex”. Fennix skin purely falls in the male category. These are the primary cosmetic details about the Fortnite Fennix skin that you have to know so far.

How many are Set Fur Force items available for Fortnite Fennix skin?

Only three cosmetic items are available in the Set Fur Force category. The three-item are:

  • Fennix
  • Foxpack
  • Spikeclone pickaxe

The details about these three set fur force items are as under:


Fennix is the main Fortnite skin of Set Fur Force. You can buy Fennix skin in only twelve hundred V-Bucks from the item store.


Foxpack is a very loved one and rare back bling. Everyone gives Foxpack a five-star rating out of thirteen hundred votes. Fivestar rating shows the popularity of this beautiful backbiting. Foxpack is very rare backbling. The game’s maker released  Foxpack and made it part of the  Fortnite battle royal on fourteen August 2019. Foxpack was part of Fortnite battle royal season ten, patch 10.10’s chapter 1.

Foxpack (as Fennix skin) was last seen in the item store nearly three months ago. Foxpack back bling items can also be purchased from the item store when available. The Fortnite battle royal sets the price of this back bling is only some V-Bucks. This item was last seen in the item store on twenty-seven February 2022. Foxpack appears in the item store twenty-one times. So, the assurance rate of Foxpack is 21.

Spikeclone pickaxe

Spikeclone pickaxe is also a favorite set fur force item of Fortnite battle royal, as, from total voting of 700, this item got nearly five stars out of a 5-star rating. You can purchase a unique harvesting tool, “spikeclone pickaxe,” from the item store. The date of addition of this set fur force item is also the same as fox pack back bling, which is fourteen of august 2019. Season ten’s chapter one, which comes with the patch of 10.10.

For the first time, this item came into the store (or the release date of the Spikeclone pickaxe) on was twenty-six of August 2019. Spikeclone pickaxe was the first item from the Fennix fur force set that has disappeared for a long time. Spikeclone pickaxe was last seen in the store nearly one thousand days ago.

What is the procedure for purchasing a Spikeclone pickaxe Fortnite item store?

Spikeclone pickaxe is a perfect fur fox set item and is part of season ten’s chapter one of Fortnite. This is purely a cosmetic item and can also be purchased from the item store of the battle royal Fortnite. You must pay only five hundred V-Bucks if you want to own a Spikeclone pickaxe. It will appear in the item store when it gets its diary rotation.

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How many times does Fennix skin appear in the item store?

Fortnite Fennix skin appears a total of seventeen times in the item store. For the first time, this skin appeared on twenty-six august 2019. The second time this skin appeared was on the twenty-seventh of August 2019. Similarly, the third time this skin appeared in the item store was on twenty-eight September 2019. The fourth time this skin appeared was in October 2019. This skin appears on the item store nearly every month in the same pattern but on a different date. The last time this skin could be seen was on January twenty-seven, 2022. After this, the fans of this skin are waiting for it.

You can buy the Fennix Outfit in the Fortnite Item Shop. The last time Fennix was available was on November 3rd, 2022. When or if it will return to the Fortnite Item Shop for the next time is unknown.

Facts about Fortnite Fennix skin

After knowing much information about your favorite Fortnite skin, it’s time to unfold some essential facts about this skin. If you do not want to purchase this item, there is another way to get this skin. That way belongs to get a higher tier in the game. You will eventually get this skin if you up to your rant to one hundred in season six of battle pass. The eyes of the Fennix are of orange colors, which have a beautiful glow. Fortnite Fennix is a male animal skin. Fennix is also known as canines and is an anthropomorphic animal.


  • Are you still able to buy Fennix?

When Fennix is available in the item shop, you can purchase it by spending some V-Bucks.  Fortnite Fennix skin is returned in the official item store every forty-eight days. You can expect that Fennix skin will appear in store very soon.

  • What is the process for refunding a skin in Fortnite?

You can access your Account and Privacy settings by clicking on the silhouette icon. In the Account section, click Submit a Request. You can view a list of the items you purchased in-game in the last 30 days by clicking on this button. The item you wish to return should be located and selected on the list.

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