Are you ready to take an in-depth dive into the ocean of possibilities which are offered by taxi booking applications? If yes, then you should get ready to take part in the revolution of the taxi booking app company online.

There is no doubt about the reality that Uber is considered to be one of the most profitable billion-dollar startups in the taxi business. Therefore, if you’re thinking of developing an app similar to Uber it is essential to take a look at this.

Taxi booking apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Curb have made travel easier for travelers which allows users to enjoy a more enjoyable experience. They’ve made travel more comfortable. All you need to do is to book their taxi services from any location and in just a few minutes, it will arrive at the specified address.

The question is what are the key elements to consider in the development of an Uber-like application?

If you plan to develop a taxi booking app  extremely intuitive and captivating taxi booking app it is necessary to create two distinct apps that are linked to the identical administration panel. They include:

  • The Passenger App
  • The Driver App


1 Must Have Features in the Passenger App

1.1 Must Have Features in the Drivers’ App:

1.2 Learn about geo-location:

1.3 The login Registration or driver/user profile page:

1.4 Payment Feature:

1.5 Designing the user interface and experience:

Must Have Features in the Passenger App

  • Registration tab: First thing users must complete is sign up using an email address or the social networks. For online payment the customer can also enter their bank account and card information.
  • Booking tab: You must provide clients a booking interface which allows them to input the details of their pick-up location and drop off point.
  • Calculator for the total estimated cost: This feature offers customers an approximate estimate of the cost of their trip prior to booking their taxi.
  • Tab for selecting taxis: You must give customers the option of choosing the kind of vehicle they’d prefer to travel in , as well as cost per kilometer and per minute.
  • Tools for tracking: When customers hire a taxi they want to be aware of the location of their taxi and how long it takes for the taxi to be there or get to the desired location.
  • Review tab: Today people love to share their experiences with the world, whether positive or negative. They look through the reviews and ratings of the driver of their taxi when they make a booking for a taxi. Therefore, your app should have the option of “Submit Your Review” or “Rate Your Driver.”
  • Communication tab: Sometimes customers prefer to make a call to their driver to inquire about where the taxi is located or to give the driver the exact location of pick-up. A tab for communication, like one that has the contact number of the driver or the option to call allows passengers to talk with drivers for a seamless booking and a pleasant journey.
  • The taxi booking application must have the payment tab that has a variety of options, such as cash as well as card payments or other third-party channels. The payment feature should provide an automated invoice and payment slip to the registered email address of the passenger ID.
  • Reservation History tab This feature allows users to access their booking history prior to booking. Users can book taxi for the same route by pressing on one of their previous histories booked for a faster booking.

Taxi Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Must Have Features in the Drivers’ App:

  • Driver Profile update tab As with the passenger app, your driver’s application should also include an option to sign up for drivers. It will also inform the recruiter of their availability.
  • After that, they’ll be required to get to the pickup location using the most efficient way in the least amount of time.
  • The GPS feature The Driver’s App must be connected to an app for navigation like Google Maps, to help the driver get to their desired location in the shortest amount of time choosing the most efficient route.
  • Tab for Fare Calculator Your Driver App should also include a fare calculator that gives the driver an estimate of the price of the ticket, as well as discount coupons that are applied by the user.
  • The Driver App should incorporate this new feature for sharing taxi to make sure that the driver knows whether his taxi was shared or not. He should be notified of pickup and drop off locations to all passengers on the app.
  • Tab for Income Drivers, you must create a report section so that they can review their earnings and pay during their travels over the course of a week or month.
  • Selecting the driver you prefer – There are some passengers who want to journey using the driver who they had a pleasant experience with, therefore it is advised to consider this desire.

Learn about geo-location:

The  taxi booking apps totally depend on the Global Positioning System (GPS) that helps locate the current location of the driver or taxi. Geo-location services are based on three essential elements:

  • Accessing the area
  • In addition, you can provide the details for navigation
  • Offering mapping software

The login Registration or driver/user profile page:

Registration is the very first thing that must be accomplished in a taxi booking application. This feature is available to passengers as well as drivers. as well as the driver’s application. Through this sign up process, businesses can create an account database for customers. At the beginning clients can make the booking as Guest however, later on they will be required to create their profile. It is essential to assure your customers that their information is secure and will not be disclosed to third-party parties. Create an experience for onboarding your customers smoothly and easy with a good UX/UI design or they will quit using your app.

To get a better understanding of the experience of customers, incorporate the feedback and rating section and ask them to make a comment about the actions and conduct of the driver.

Payment Feature:

People most of the time try to pay online, but is there a time when cash-based payments are accepted. Most often, customers make use of Promo Code to avail discounts. If the taxi is reserved, the customer will know the cost beforehand, which makes it simpler for him to choose to use the service or not.

Android users can pay for the transaction using Google Wallet while iOS users are able to use Apple Pay for the same.

Designing the user interface and experience:

Every app developer would like their app to stand out from other apps. So, more attention needs to be given to creating attractive UI as well as UX. Keep in mind that experience transforms users into brand ambassadors. Be sure to choose the most reliable mobile app development firm for accurate pricing details.

If you’ve invested a significant amount of money into the taxi booking app surely you’ll want to earn an impressive return. Don’t think of high returns as Uber since the company already has its reputation on the market. If all of these points mentioned above are considered in the process of developing your app with your developer or mobile apps service supplier, then you’ll earn a profitable return on your investment.

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