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Adran Peterson is a famous American football star who has played as a “running back position” player since 2007. “AD” (Stands for All Day) is a nickname Peterson that his father gives him. He is the son of professional athletic parents. The life of Peterson is composed of extreme ups and downs. Once he was the main football team player, and after some legal issues, his Career started falling. Although his Career is on the verge of falling, he still manages to earn enough money. In the article, you will get information about Adrian Peterson net worth, early life, personal life, Career, and other exciting things about him.

Early life

The date of birth of Adrian Peterson is March 21st, 1985. As of 2022, he is a 37-year-old athlete. The place of birth of the football star is Palestine, which is a city in Texas, United States of America.


The father of Adrian is Nelson Peterson. By profession, his father works for Idaho. At Idaho, he is performing the duties of shooting guard. Now he is enjoying his retirement from this position. Unfortunately, Nelson Peterson faced some legal issues and faced jail arrest as a consequence. The allegation imposed on Nelson Peterson is of “Money Laundering,” proved later in court and arrested. Another criminal allegation his father faced was involvement in a “crack cocaine business.” When Nelson Peterson was arrested, Adrian Peterson was only 13 years old.


As Adrian Peterson’s father, his mother was also a former collegian athlete. His mother, Bonita Brown, proved herself a world-class track and field athlete. Her mother attended Westwood high school. When she was a school-going student, she won the “Texan state champion” for three consecutive years. Besides being a track and field athlete, she also participated in the “long jump” sport and proved herself a good jumper.


The family of Adrian Peterson consists of 07 members. In his family, Adrian has four brothers. He loves them all and gets a lot of affection from his siblings. Adrian has more attraction for his elder brother, Brian Peterson. But as the result of a shocking accident, Brian was killed. A drunk driver killed Brian. This incident changes the life of Adrian Peterson.

There are four brothers of Adrian Peterson: Jalon Brown, Eldon Peterson, Brian Peterson (Deceased), and Derrick Peterson.

Personal life

Throughout his life, Adrian Peterson was interested in more than one girl. In 2007 when he was only 22 years old, he started dating Erica Scion. Later in 2011, he started taking an interest in Ann Doohan; both stayed together for two years. When Adrian and Ann Doohan were broken up then, Adrian started taking an interest in Iliana Fischer in 2013. All these girls stayed in his life as girlfriends. No one of them gets married to Adrian.

Finally, in 2014, Adrian Peterson found his true love in the shape of famous model “Ashley Brown.” Elizabella Cosmetics is also led by Ashley Brown, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It is she who founded this company. The wedding of Adrian and Elizabella took place on July 19th, 2014.

The couple enjoyed their married life well, along with four children. The eldest child, Adrian, is Adrian Peterson Jr.; the name of his second oldest child is Adeje Peterson. Adrian’s third oldest son was Tyrese Robert Ruffin (Killed). And the youngest son of Adrian is Axyle Eugene Peterson.


Adrian Peterson has liked to play football since his childhood. At the age of 9, his elder brother died, and his father was arrested, which placed a lot of stress on his mind. But instead, he surrenders in front of this challenging situation; he converts his stress into strength. And put this strength on playing football with more focus. Adrian started playing football from an early age.

He got a chance to play football as a back runner for the famous football club NFL. When he got an offer from NFL Vikings, his last year of study in college was in progress. He accepts the offer and starts playing for the NFL Vikings club.

In a short period, Adrian Peterson became one of the brightest young stars of the NFL and was named the “NFL Offensive Rookie” of the Year. As he continued to perform well over the next few years, he won the “NFL MVP” award in 2012. The following year, child abuse allegations doomed Adrian’s Career. He committed the crime of beating his four-year-old son with a wooden stick. He admitted it in court. The court gives him a sentence to pay 4000 dollars as a fine.

He did not get severe punishment from the court. But his football club suspend him for a while. When his suspension was over, he made a comeback. But unfortunately, he did not get his form back.

In 2017 NFL did not continue his contract with Adrian, so he moved and signed a contract with the New” Orleans Saints.” He was not able to perform well while playing with this club. Then he started his career with the” Washington Redskins” in 2018 for one season only, followed by a single season with the” Arizona Cardinals.” During his time with the” Washington Redskins”, he played for two seasons before signing with the” Detroit Lions” in 2020.

Adrian Peterson net worth

Adrian Peterson star playing football as a rising star. But due to some legal issues, he did not cash his talent well. As of 2022, the net worth of Adrian Peterson is approximately 1 million US dollars. The average annual salary of Adrian Peterson as a professional footballer was about 2 million US dollars. If he played well and was not involved in illegal activities, he could earn more net worth than 1 million US dollars.

Adrian Peterson, was he the MVP?

Only Peterson & Faulk have ever won Rookie of the Year accolades and NFL Pro Bowl MVP honors in the same calendar year. LaDainian Tomlinson, who totaled 1,474 running yards during the 2007 season, ended ahead of Peterson in rushing yards (1,341).


Adrian Peterson was an American nationalist who made football his profession. And reach the peak of his football career. Then, unfortunately, saw a decline in his Career. Adrian Peterson’s net worth is about 1 million US dollars. Peterson is 37 years old married man and has four sons. You can learn a lot of lessons by knowing more about him.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does Adrian Peterson have a retirement plan?

Adrian says, “The possibility exists that it may happen, but when it is time for me to retire, I will certainly be back in purple.” Peterson, 37, played in four games in 2021, including one for the” Tennessee Titans.” He is currently free and does not play football, waiting for the next opportunity to come his way.

  • Where did Adrian Peterson play college football?

In the National Football League (NFL), Adrian Lewis Peterson plays” running back” for the” Detroit Lions.” In college football, he played from the” Oklahoma University” side, where he played well and set many new records.

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