Pune is a city that has been growing at a very fast pace in recent times. It has become one of the most popular places for education and business. The city has several schools which provide preschool education to its students. 

It might be difficult to prepare your child for school entrance in Pune. Rapid improvements in the field of education have resulted in the development of numerous unique models and products, which are, in short, the future of education. 

However, most of them do not suit the needs of youngsters whose brains are fast developing. As a consequence, even if they excel intellectually, children are not fully prepared to face the actual exam known as life. The admission procedure and fee structure of these schools are discussed below:

The Admission Process of These Schools are Discussed Below

Admission Procedure

The schools in Pune have a good admission procedure in which the parents can apply for admission. Admission to a preschool is based on merit. You will be chosen if you perform well in your schooling, and you can apply for this program only if you have completed school education up to the class 10th level or equivalent. 

The admission process begins with filling up a preschool admission form, followed by an interview, which is conducted by experienced teachers and parents who work at the school for a year before giving birth to their children there. 

After this interview, students who meet all criteria are eligible for admission into any of these preschools across the Pune city area including Thane (near Mumbai), Navi Mumbai and Sangli districts. 

The admission process for some schools in Pune school starts with an entrance test for each year group which is conducted by the teachers at the time of registration itself or directly after selecting your child’s name from their website’s list of vacancies (in case you are unable to register online). 

You will then be required to submit some documents along with your application form; these include copies of birth certificates/passports etc., along with contact details like phone numbers etc., where possible because we want everyone who wants admission into our institution should know how they can reach out!

Courses Offered

It offers preschool education to children from the age group of 3 to 6 years. These classes are conducted in English medium only. The curriculum includes studies of drawing, painting, reading stories etc., as per the age group of your child. 

You can choose between two options viz., daycare or full-day nursery service where you can leave your child after school hours or at weekends too if you wish so! The medium of instruction is English from the first standard onwards, followed by Hindi after class 10th. 

There are classes from nursery up to class XII available for students who want to pursue higher studies or pursue careers other than academics.

Schools in Pune Have a Fair Fee Structure and the Best Admission Procedure

The admission procedure of a school is very transparent and fair. The process of filling up a pre-school admission form is based on the merit of your child, as well as other factors like financial capacity, family background etc. 

Schools have a fair fee structure which includes fees for tuition, boarding and meals. These schools are well equipped with facilities such as libraries, auditoriums, swimming pools etc. So, you do not have to worry about anything during your stay at these institutions.


It is common knowledge that a solid education is essential for a child’s future success, but is it everything? Aside from a solid education, other traits are seen to be vital for success, and in this article, we will look at what international schools in Pune offer your kid to help them develop holistically. 

We recognise that education is one of the most crucial cornerstones of a child’s life and one of the most important requirements for success.

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