Reading and writing are the most important skills to develop. The importance of reading and writing to the child’s development, their future, and how it will affect their life is something that every parent should consider when it comes to teaching their children these two important skills. 

Here are some tips on how you can teach your kids how to read:

  • Read out loud with them every day
  • Let them pick out books from the library or bookstore themselves (this is an excellent way for them to learn what they like)
  • Encourage them not just in reading but also in writing- this will ensure they understand what they read better later!

Education on Social Etiquettes

Social Etiquettes

  • Learn to share and be kind to other people.
  • Learn how to be polite, say please and thank you.
  • Teach the child that respects for elders is important because it will help him or her in their future life.
  • Do not interrupt others while they are speaking or writing something on the board unless it is very important! This will help them understand what is always going on around them so that they become more attentive in class too!

Speech, Vocabulary and Language Development

Speech and language development is a very important part of child development. It is a key factor in the process of socialization, and it helps children to develop their personality as well as their cognitive abilities. Your child will learn how to speak through the top schools in Noida extension, which provides them with an environment that encourages communication skills development.

Developing Mental Skills like Memory, Reasoning, Concentration and Logical Thinking

Developing Mental Skills like Memory, Reasoning, Concentration and Logical Thinking. How to Develop Mental Skills in Children:

1. Start with Small Things That You Can Do at Home or School

If your child is not able to do something then try another way of teaching them and if it still does not work then ask someone who knows how to do it yourself instead of wasting time by trying again later when they will have forgotten everything by then!

2. Gaining Strength and Dexterity in the Motor Skills of Children

In the Top play school in Noida Extension, your child will learn to walk, run and jump. They will also learn how to use their hands and fingers. Your child will be able to throw, catch and kick a ball as well as climb stairs with ease.

3. Learning the Basics of Mathematics along with Computer skills

The top play school in Noida Extension offers a wide range of learning options to its students. It also provides them with proper guidance and tutoring so that they can learn at their own pace and make progress in the right direction.

4. Educating Children on Different Cultures in India

You should also educate your children on different cultures. This is very important because it will help them understand and appreciate India’s diversity. Our school provides a wide range of facilities that can help you. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your child gets some exposure at home. If he/she does not know anything about another culture, it will be difficult for him/her to learn about it later.

Importance of Personal Hygiene, Safety Measures and Good Health Habits

Personal hygiene and safety are very important in the life of any child. The children should be taught about the importance of personal hygiene, personal safety measures and good health habits from a very young age. Personal Hygiene is an essential aspect to take care of your own body as well as those who are around you. You can use soap for washing hands or you can use water only if no other source is available. Washing up should be done with warm water because cold water might make them feel uncomfortable.

Inculcating Morals and Values

Morals and values are the most important things which your children will learn in the Top play school in Noida Extension. You must inculcate those values in your child by giving them proper guidance and supervision. 

You can teach your child through various methods like storytelling, reading books, songs etc. You need not worry if they do not get it right away; because it may take months or even years before they start understanding what is right and wrong at some point of time but still there is no harm if they do not get it right away as long as they know what is right or wrong at some points of time so do not be worried about this issue.

Learning to be Confident and Independent

Your children will be able to overcome the fear of separation from their parents. They will learn to be confident and independent by overcoming the fear of separation from their parents. 

Confidence is an important part of life because it helps us deal with problems that arise in everyday life, such as making decisions or asking for help when we need it most.

Here is how you can help your children overcome their separation anxiety:

  • Let him or her know that you are proud of them or even when they cry out loud because they are scared or sad.
  • Tell your child that they do not need to be always afraid but just remember not too long ago you also felt scared when separated from mommy/daddy but now look how bravely I’m doing this task!


In the end, we must remember that our children are not machines that can be programmed by any school. They will develop at their own pace and it is up to us parents to make sure they get the right kind of education, guidance, and care that they need to grow up healthy and happy.

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