Who is Scott Richter?

The CEO of Media Breakaway, formerly known as LLC, is Scott Richter (born July 18, 1971).

Scott Richter is an individual who maintains his personal affairs largely private. He is a 25-year-old rising content producer gaining popularity owing to her attractiveness.

This article aims to highlights Scoot Richter brief biography, including her early life, career, net worth and many other information’s. Mostly, her followers want to know about these kind of information.

Scott Richter net worth

Among the wealthiest and most well-known film editors is Scott Richter. Data from different statistics of 2022 reveal out to be Scott Richter net worth as $5 million.

Richter settled a lawsuit claiming unlawful spam activities in 2006 by paying Microsoft $7 million. In the list of the top 100 spammers, Richter was once ranked among the top 100 spammers. The 2003 email offering the much more Iraqi decks of cards is one of the most well-known ones; Richter claims to have already sold 40,000 decks of cards before they were even being produced.

In January 2007, a well-known social networking site filed a lawsuit against him and his company, Media Breakaway, alleging that they had breached users’ accounts and used them to send millions of spam emails that appeared to come from their friends.

Personal life of Scott Richter

Nicola A. Belzer and Scott Richter are wed. No data is available now about whether she is a mother. Scott stopped using email campaigns a few years ago to take on other challenges. There are no records indicating that Scott Richter has been engaged or married.  Scott Richter hasn’t dated anybody as many media reports of May 2022 claimed.

One of the most well-known emails is from 2003, advertising far more Iraqi decks of cards. Richter claims to have sold 40,000 decks of cards before they were ever made.


The 2003 email offering the much more Iraqi decks of cards is one of the most well-known ones; Richter claims to have already sold 40,000 decks of cards before they were even being produced. The reason given was a “material misrepresentation, content inaccuracy, or substantively misrepresentative statement(s)” regarding “the registrar’s inability to disclose Scott Richter’s felony conviction” and “the registrar’s omission to disclose that Scott Richter was indeed the CEO, director, and secretary of the registration since 2012”.

Some other interesting facts of Scott Richter life

  • He ranked among the most well-liked film editors. In the survey, he was ranked among the notable celebrities born in the United States. Scott Richter’s celebrate his birthday every year on July 18th.
  • According to a 2008 web story, Media Breakaway billed many individuals because of allegedly installing free tunes on their cell phones.
  • He was once known as the “Spam King,” and his organizations were among the biggest email spammers, sending upwards of 100 million emails daily. He and his businesses have faced numerous legal actions for delivering unwanted advertisements in bulk.
  • Due to a $500 million judgment in Washington State, Microsoft filed for bankruptcy in March 2005. It stated that it has debts of over $50 million and resources of less than USD 10 million. 

To avoid bankruptcy, Microsoft had to settle a $20 million statement based on the Washington spam statute. Scott Richter’s father, Steven Richter, who serves as the company’s chief counsel, stated, “Scott Richter is lucrative except for this litigation.”

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Story of Scott as Spam King’s

His businesses once sent more than 100 million unwanted adverts worldwide. So, Scott started knowing as “the Spam King” among people. Also one of the leading spam tracker company named him one of the top 100 spammers.

Elliot Spitzer challenged him in 2003, and in 2005, he engaged in a protracted legal battle with Microsoft. Due to the case, his company sought bankruptcy proceedings and ultimately reached a $7 million settlement with Microsoft.

Scott then founded the internet marketing firm Media Breakaway. However, they ran into legal issues once more in 2007. A social media platform filed a lawsuit against them for allegedly accessing member accounts. He was awarded $4.8 million in restitution and was required to pay its legal costs.

The way of redemption for Scott

Scott has switched to casino blogging from his earlier spamming efforts. In 2015, he launched his primary YouTube channel, which he called “The Big Jackpot.” Richter also started a Twitch channel but it has yet to gain popularity.

He plays slot machines in casinos across the US while streaming his performance live. When his hobby turned into a full-time job, he was surprised. He is now among the top YouTubers for casinos, with others like Brian Christopher Slots, NG Slot, & Lady Luck HQ.

With his prominence came the creation of the gambling software The Big Jackpot and a website where followers could purchase items. The Big Jackpot currently has 2,800 Twitch subscribers and around 400,000 YouTube subscribers. About 47,000 people subscribe to his secondary channel, Raja Slots.


Scott Richter is very famous. He is still well-known among the people. People like and appreciate him as well. He belongs to a noble family. Scott collected the money using many Spammy and illicit techniques and businesses he did. Scott Richter net worth has reaching to higher levels by coming years as he is earning much more due to his multiple businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Scott, the big jackpot, how old is he?

He will be 51 years old on “September 24, 2022. Scott, also known as The Spam King,” was born in July 18, 1971.  

What are the different news about Scott Richter Net Worth?

According to statistics of 2022, Scott Richter net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Statistics shows his net worth is increasing on yearly basis.

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