An item frame in Minecraft

Let’s assume that an item frame in Minecraft is a block with a collision box that has a portrait of some entity as its texture. Now you will learn all the things this portrait can contain, or rather, it should be able to contain.

An item frame can have the following items in it:

  • An armor stand
  • A beacon
  • A cake
  • A cart
  • A command block
  • A dropper
  • An ender chest
  • An iron door
  • A jukebox
  • A lava bucket
  • A minecart with hopper
  • A painting and a sign

An interaction with item frame by a player will depend on the type of item in it:

  • If an armor stand is placed, a player can rotate the armor stand (if allowed) and remove it.
  • If a beacon is placed, a player can rotate it (if allowed) and remove it.
  • If a cake is placed, the player cannot do anything with it.
  • If a command block is placed, then the player can press buttons on it (if allowed).
  • If a dropper is placed, then if the container part has items or blocks in any slots other than slot one, they will be thrown out of the dropper when interacted with by a player; otherwise, only one item/block from the container part will be thrown out.
  • If an ender chest is placed, a player can open it and take out items.
  • If an iron door is placed, a player can open it and go through it.
  • If a jukebox is placed, then a player can insert or remove a record from it (if allowed).
  • If a minecart with a hopper is placed, a player can push or pull the minecart (if allowed).
  • If a painting is placed, a player can rotate it (if allowed).
  • If the sign is placed, then the player can edit it (if allowed).

Some interactions are possible with frames that contain nothing:

  • If an item frame is empty and not transparent, it will act as an armor stand with rotation disabled.
  • If an item frame is empty and transparent, it will signify.

Steps to make an item frame in Minecraft

An item frame is an essential part of any Minecraft player’s inventory. By placing an item frame on the wall, you can display your most prized possessions for all to see. This article will show you how to make an item frame in Minecraft.


To make an item frame, you will need:

  • One block of obsidian
  • One block of wood
  • A crafting table
  • Six sticks
  • Procedure

Step 1:

Start by creating a crafting table. To do this, place four blocks of wood in a square formation. Next, use your pickaxe to break the middle block. This will create a crafting table.

Step 2:

Next, place one obsidian block and one stick in the center of your crafting table.

Step 3:

After that, open the crafting menu and find the item frame icon. You can craft an item frame by selecting it and then placing a stick on each of the four corners of the crafting grid.

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Step 4:

This will create an incomplete item frame which you can then complete by placing a block of obsidian on any side of the cube within the first eight rows or columns (as shown below). After this, break one of your sticks and place it in an available slot inside the completed item frame to complete it. Congratulations! You now have successfully made an item frame in Minecraft so you can show off all those diamonds you’ve been collecting.

Characteristics / Uses of item frame in Minecraft

  • Item frames are decorative blocks that hold items. They are often used on maps to lead the player’s eye towards points of interest. To craft one, place a sign and use it on its back.
  • To put an item inside an item frame, place the frame on a wall with an item in your hand. If placed correctly, this will display both your character’s hand empty and the framed item simultaneously.
  • Item frames have no collision box so that players can walk through them or build around them without triggering their functional behavior. However, they cannot be stacked like signs, but they can share their space when building, allowing them to cover more areas than just a sign.
  • Item frames can be renamed by pressing the use key on them while holding a book and quill. This will change the text displayed when you hover over the frame with your mouse cursor.
  • Frames that have been renamed cannot be changed back to their original name, but they can be copied and pasted using the same method as for signs.
  • Item frames can also be colorized by using dyes on them. The first dye applied will set the frame’s outline color, while any other dyes will set the fill color of the frame. If no more dyes are added after the first, the frame’s outline and fill will be set to black.
  • One way to use item frames is to create a ‘sign’ frame. To do this, place a sign in the center of an item frame and then use the book and quill to rename it. This will cause the text on the sign to be displayed when you hover over the frame with your mouse cursor.
  • You can also use this method to create other types of frames, such as a picture frame or a banner frame. Just remember that if you want to put an item inside the frame, it needs to be placed in your hand before you add the frame to the wall.
  • Item frames can be used for more than just decoration. They can also be used as storage containers. Place an item frame on the ground and insert any number of items into it. The items will stay in the frame even if you leave the area.
  • To retrieve the items, place an empty hand on top of the item frame to pick it up and then right-click on the ground to set it back down. If you cannot reach your items after placing them in an item frame, break or burn any blocks between yourself and them until you can access them once more.


  • What is an item frame?

An item frame is a block that lets you put your photos in it. Item frames are not items but blocks placed on the floor or walls, just like paintings. You can store any image inside, then place the item frame in the world and enjoy it. There are four styles of them: plain, holds a single picture; small, for pictures with smaller resolution, ample, more space for bigger images, and standup, stands on its own without needing to be attached to a block. The last one was added in snapshot 12w08a (1 January 2012) along with four new villager types who sell these new item frames, all connected to trading. To use an item frame, you either right-click when holding an image or place it in the lower-left corner when editing your inventory.

Item frames are multiplayer, so when you place the frame in a spot and then log out and log back in, it will still be at that same spot and display the same thing.

  • How to use items inside the item frame?

You can put any item inside an item frame. The player doesn’t need to keep/carry the item while looking at the picture; he needs to make sure that there is one such item (or stack) in his inventory for each such picture (in case of stacks: average stack size is preserved).

  • What’s good about item frames?

Item frames provide many opportunities, especially for creative players. They can be used as decoration, show off your achievements, or tell a story.

  • Where can I get the item frame?

Item frames can be obtained by trading with the new villager types who sell them or finding them in dungeons, strongholds, or woodland mansions.

  • How many different frames are there?

As of snapshot 12w08a, there are four different styles of item frames.

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